BHS principal resigns to work in private sector

Brady High School is now in search of a new principal after Preasley Cooper, BHS principal for the past eight years tendered his resignation to the BISD school board Monday night. Citing personal reasons and a desire to simply change careers, Cooper submitted his resignation after serving the Brady district for the past 10 years. “I am not really retiring; I am simply going to change careers,” Cooper told the Standard-Herald Thursday. “There are a lot of things I want to do and have to do, and I am certainly not going to be sitting around in a rocking chair. I have many things that will be keeping me busy.” “Mr. Cooper came here 10 years ago and began as an assistant principal,” said Supt. Max Gordon. “Since that time he has served as principal at the elementary school for one year as well as his current position as principal at the high school for the past eight.” Monday night, the school board also accepted the resignation of Alternative Education Program director Stan Seymour. “Both of these individuals have served in the public school system for over 30 years, and they now feel it is time for them to do something else,” said Gordon. “Right now, I am going to take a bit of time to determine whether or not we will find a replacement internally or need to go outside the district for a new principal. I should have that decision made in the next few weeks.” The school board also announced that it is now actively in search of a new assistant superintendent. Gordon stated that the decision to find a replacement for Lee Coffman who resigned in January was hinged upon pending legislation that will affect state funds allotted to BISD. “We waited until now to get a better feel on what funding will be like next year,” said Gordon. “As our best guess, we will be looking at similar levels of state funding based upon our average daily attendance which is actually a few students higher than last year.” In all, seven teachers’ or administrators’ resignations have been formally accepted by the school board. Those seven are Bill Brown, Denice Brown, Stan Seymour, Andy Garza, Lillie Baker, Suzanne Coffman and Preasley Cooper. “Several of our teachers and employees are retiring this year based upon decisions that will benefit them in their retirement,” said Gordon. “Several of them who have served us for many years feel that this is the right time to take advantage of a number of different factors that relate to retirement funding.”

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