Tons of action keep things hoppin’ on the local course

Here we are the week before the Annual Memorial Tournament and I haven’t kept you informed as to what is going on out here at the course. We are at 110 entries in the tournament and the full field is 128. If you haven’t signed up to play I invite you to visit us here at the golf shop and we will sign you up. Since my last column appeared in the paper we have had a Duffer’s tournament, a Sunday Hully Gully, and two Thursday Hully Gullys so I do have some catching up to do. As you saw in the paper J.T. Epley’s team which consisted of J.T., Cheryl, Shane McCartney, Charlie Bush and myself won the Duffers tournament with a raw score of 55. How much fun we did have! If you have never played that tournament you should make plans now to play in it next year. Winner of the Ping I3 irons raffled off by the Chamber of Commerce went to Fermin DelaRosa. This event was very special since his son drew the ticket out of the hopper. What a shocked look on Fermin’s face when Delaine called out his name. Congratulations Fermin! The May 8th Thursday Hully Gully brought out 26 players with the David Graves team claiming first place with a 26, and the Barry Jackson team second place with a 27 score posted. The others scores were four 29s. David’s team members were Donald Owens, Peanut Owens, Lynette Blankenship and Tom Hughes. Congratulations to each of you. The Barry Jackson team consisted of Barry, Billy Patterson, John McNelly and Carla Landes. Congratulations to all of you. Other persons playing were Leroy Keese, Gray Carrithers, Marilyn Carrithers, David Brown, Dannye Calley, Ron Broadrick, Benton Franklin, Kathy Powell, Oscar Gracia, Michael Gutierrez, Gabe Moreno, Joe Millsap, Joy Millsap, Raymond Rubio, Chris Huffman, Christie Huffman and Fermin DelaRosa. Closest to the Pin on #3 was Lynette Blankenship. Congratulations to all of you for playing so well. The Sunday 18-hole Hully Gully was held on Mother’s Day May 11th and there was 25 players out . Scores were 58, 59, 60, two 63s and a 66. David Graves’ team won first place again with a 58. His team consisted of David, David Hernandez, Tom Hughes and Lina Cruz. Second place went to the Michael Gutierrez team with a 59. Michael’s team members were Vince Jackson, Johnny Jones and Doris Jones. Closest to the ping was David Graves. Other persons playing were Raymond Rubio, Billy Patterson, Eddie Mireles, Cheryl Epley, Shane McCartney, Swede Carlson, Don Crooks, Jayme Graves, Clay Jones, David Brown, John McNelly, Joe Priddy, Dannye Calley, Abel Ledezma, Benito Rubio, Lynette Blankenship and Carla Landes. The Thursday Hully Gully on May 15th had 32 persons out trying to win. The scores posted were 26, 28, three 29s and two 30s. The winning team was the Abel Ledezma team which was made up of Abel, Vic Cruz, Amy Pearson, Jay Medrano and Tony Mata and a score of 26. Congratulations! Second place went to the Clay Jones team with a score of 28. The team consisted of Clay, David Brown, Carla Landes, Oscar Gracia and Tom Hughes. Great job team! Others playing on Thursday were David Graves, Raymond Ledezma, Jamye Graves, Lynette Blankenship, Gabe Moreno, Michael Valdez, David Hernandez, Lina Cruz, Tommy Ruiz, Ron Broadrick, Eddie Mireles, Gwen Bush, Mario Mata, Barry Jackson, Curtis Owens, Kathy Powell and John McNelly. Closest to the pin on #3 was Barry Jackson. There will not be a Hully Gully this Thursday because the Golf Association President, Joy and J.T. have declared Thursday a work day. If you would like to help out bring your weed eaters, gloves, and other lawn equipment and J.T. will find something for you to do. I keep getting information that the pavilion is nearing completion. In fact they are applying tin this morning. It will be so nice when they complete it. I was asked to thank the following people for donating their time and efforts and supplies to help make this a reality: Joy and Joe Millsap, David and Jamye Graves, Lynette and Mike Blankenship, Leroy Keese, Gabe Moreno, Joe Carriger, Roy Short, J.T. and Cheryl Epley, Abel Ledezma, Charlie and Gwen Bush, Donald Owens, Dan Moran for steel plates, Higginbotham’s, Golf Association, Shawn Shunk, Les Hastings, Oscar Gracia, Robert Snyder, Jim Quinn, HRI for the I-beams, E.L. Ruffin, Ledezma Brother’s, Kevin Graves, Marcos Solis, Vince Jackson and if I left anyone out I am sorry. But you do know who you are and what you did. And for that we are very thankful and gracious. Have you heard of the fancy little electric car that Pat Long had on his trailer a couple of weeks ago’ If not I invite you to come out to the course or contact a Brady Golf Association board member and ask them about it. They are selling raffle tickets at $50 a piece to be raffled off at a time to be announced later. Board members are Billie Davis, Joy Millsap, David Graves, Lynette Blankenship, Abel Ledezma, Bobby Williams, Denise Nichols and Danny Neal. Unfortunately the Project Graduation Golf Tournament did not get enough interest to even have a tournament’perhaps next year we can all get a little more involved in the tournament department and help our kids out. However there was a drawing for the one year membership to the golf course and the lucky winner was Gabriel Sanchez. Congratulations. Hope to see you real often now! Remember this weekend is the Memorial Tournament and the course will be full of players from Friday until Monday so we invite you to get your playing in before Friday if you are not in the tournament as there will be no outside play. Also J.T. wanted me to tell you that the Brady Golf Course will be closed on Tuesday May 27 so we can all recover from the work involved in this tournament. The next scheduled Hully Gully will be Thursday May 29th and you should call or come by the Golf Shop before 4:30 on Thursday. You may call 597-6010 for more information. The next scheduled Sunday Hully Gully will be June 8th and besides being 18 holes, I understand it will also include a hamburger supper afterwards, which will be sponsored by the Golf Association. So make plans now to play in the Hully Gully and have some good fellowship with your golfing friends. Well that about does it for this week and I hope I will do a little better in the future about getting the course news out to you. Until then-just Gwen.

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