Have a letter to the Editor’

Review our letters policy prior to submission. The Brady Standard-Herald encourages letters from its readers. Letters should be to the point, typed if at all possible (double spaced), and signed. Address and telephone numbers also should be included for verification purposes. Letters will be printed on a space-available basis (300-word limit). Letters should stick with issues and not simply be personal attacks. Letters endorsing a particular position on issues of local interest will be accepted; however, letters endorsing a candidate for political office will not be accepted. Letters to the Editor may not be used as a means by which to thank individuals, groups or businesses. Letters giving thanks to individuals or businesses must run as a letter of appreciation (cost is $10). We reserve the right to edit for length, content and potentially libelous statements. Letters to the Editor published in this newspaper do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication on any subject. Correspondence should be mailed to: Letters to the Editor, Box 1151, Brady, TX 76825.

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