Groundwater seminar set in College Station

A Groundwater Conservation District seminar slated for May 28 in College Station will offer landowners significant information on the ongoing political and legal issues surrounding ground water usage and rights. The second in a three-part series called, “Buying, Selling and Exporting Groundwater: Implications for Groundwater Conservation Districts,” the seminar is designed to inform landowners about opportunities for selling and leasing the water under their land and how they can better protect their interests. It will also inform groundwater conservation district board members, managers and citizens about regulating the exportation of groundwater from their local area. The seminar addresses the Texas Legislature’s authorization of the establishment or more than 80 local groundwater conservation districts throughout the state and their responsibility for regulating pumping and groundwater exportation. A number of districts are currently dealing with proposals from landowners, entrepreneurs, river authorities, marketers and cities to export water to rapidly growing urban areas of Texas. The event is designed to inform districts and citizens about district’s authority to manage water exportation and to charge fees for the water sold to cities. “This is an important seminar for rural Texans,” said Robert J. (Sam) Tessen, MS, Office of Rural and Community Affair’s executive director. “I hope everyone who has an interest in the future of non-urban areas of Texas will take advantage of this opportunity and others like it to gather as much information and knowledge about water resources as possible to prepare for our future.” The half-day program is organized by the Texas Water Resources Institute and sponsored by the Texas A&M University System, Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts, Office of Rural Community Affairs, Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas Water Development Board, Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, Texas Farm Bureau, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The first seminar took place in Austin in January. The date and location of the third seminar have not been identified. Texans interested in attending the seminar or would like for more information are encouraged to contact Jacque Hand, Texas A&M Special Events Center Operations at 979-845-7692 or visit

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