Hodges family returns to Lohn for a visit

The passing of time has not diminished Nelda Hester Hodges capacity for work. She and I were classmates- the class of 1940 so you can readily see that neither of us are spring chickens, yet Nelda keeps acting like one. Whenever I feel the urge to work, I lie down until it passes. Nelda just goes to work! According to her husband, Carroll, who should know her best after 61 years of marriage, she cooks three meals a day, is an excellent housekeeper, and has the best garden in Coleman County. Whenever he is out working on a fence, Nelda is there to help. Not too long ago she painted the exterior of their house. Nelda and Carroll have a wonderful relationship, four lovely daughters and caring grandchildren’a reflection on them as parents and grandparents. On Easter Sunday the family came to their old hometown to celebrate Nelda’s 80th birthday with a delicious lunch and a special cake decorated with Carroll and Nelda’s faces. It was a joyous occasion and those attending were: Ben and Waite Hodges from Brady; Carla Hodges Holder, Sheila and Allison from Fort Worth; Paul and Diane English, Lee and Kathy Doggett, Joe Kennedy from San Angelo; Randy Lee from Eola; John and Billie Jean Nicholas from Menard; Houston and Billie Kennedy from Olden; Dennis and Carolyn Hodges from Midland; Nancy Hodges from Ingleside; Mindy, Guinn, Ryan and Blake Fugate from Georgetown; Ray, Jenell, Adelle and Taryn Cole from Elgin; Pam, Kirk, Lyndsay, Cole, Paige and Clayton Lafferty from Liberty Hill; Ivey and Caroline Cole from Leander and Alice Hester from Lohn. Jack Andrews of Plainview died on April 21. He was born in Franklin and grew up in the Waldrip area. Jack Andrews married Nettie Hodges in Coleman on January 20, 1934. They farmed in Waldrip on what is now the Reed Farm until 1950 and moved to Plainview where they have lived for 47 years. Jack is survived by his wife, Nettie, one daughter, Sylvia Clark and husband, Clarence of Lubbock, two sons and their wives, Jerry and Beth Andrews of Lubbock, Dale and Ruby Andrews of Brownfield, nine grand children, twenty four great-grand children, eight great-great-grand children, a brother Robert Andrews of Tennessee, and a sister Faye Pitts of Kerrville. Jack was 88 years old. Elizabeth Hodges passed away on Monday April 28 in Democrat, in Mills County. She was the mother of former Lohn School Superintendent, Marlene Shelton. Mrs. Hodges married Clyde Ward Hodges in 1934. Clyde Hodges was the son of the Charlie Hodges who lived at Pear Valley in the late 1920’s before moving to Duren. Several people with ties to the Lohn Community were here last weekend for the Melvin School Reunion. Dorothy Kleumper’s son, Joe Neil Danielson, from Spicewood, and Dorothy’s daughter, Dolores Doherty, from Hutto attended. Tom and Dorothy drove over to Melvin to visit with them. Other members of the Slaughter family attending were Johnnye and Tommie Slaughter from Angleton. E.W. and Polly Frost attended the gospel singing at Brownwood High School auditorium on the fourth Sunday in April. They enjoy these concerts and attempt to get to as many as possible. The previous week they were helping their daughter and son-in-law, Denise and Mark Matlock, work on repairs to a house the Matlock’s own in Brady. Mark and Denise spent several days with the Frost’s while here from College Station. E.W. and Polly also had visitors from the Melvin reunion, Gladys Bolding Carter from Abilene, Allan and Pat Hartt from Coupeville, Washington, Sidney and Beth Swenning from Seattle. They took pictures of the old Waldrip bridge and looked at old photos that E.W. has of the 1936 flood. Gladys and Beth stopped by my house for a short visit. Gladys and I share mutual cousins. Her mother, Josie Butler was a sister to Jewel Butler who married my uncle, Arthur Browning. Glady’s father, C.D. Bolding, died when she was two months old. He is buried at Lohn. Her mother married Marion A. Spraggins when Gladys was nine years old. Mr. Spraggins was always known as App. They also are buried in the Lohn Cemetery. Gladys gave me a check for the cemetery and The Lohn Valley Improvement Association in memory of her mother and father and sister, Lois Colleen. She said the donation for the cemetery was to thank the Cemetery Association for taking good care of her parent’s graves. Memorials have been received from Dorothy Kleumper for Margaret Bloomer and Lottie Solsbery; from Charles Moore, Don and Wynette Russell for Lottie Solsbery, and a donation from the Carroll Hodges family. Gene and Carla Bratton enjoyed an Easter visit from her brother, Bill Schooling, Shannon, Paul, Hayley and Hannah from Dallas. Carla’s mother, Millie Patton, from Brady was able to be with them for the day. I had an enjoyable Saturday when I was invited to the Fairview Reunion in Brady. The Latimer family came and we had a good visit, rehashing some of the interesting incidences from our Lohn growing-up years. Mary Latimer Marshall, from San Angelo, oldest of the Latimer children regaled us with memories of the past. Emmy Ferguson from Beaumont, Betty Kensing from Austin, Marie Marshall from Brady, Bob and his wife, Corine from San Antonio were there, Wanda Marshall Williams from Brady, Connie Marshall Hutchens from San Angelo, Edith Huie Jones, from Brady, Iva Dell Bratton Huffman from Rochelle’we all went to school at Lohn except Bob’s wife. We had a good time visiting and there was no shortage of food. Iva Dell Huffman bakes the most delicious angel food cake from scratch. An early trip to the dessert table is the only way to get a slice of her cake. Bob brought some of his books as requested by the planners of the reunion, and was kept busy signing them. There will be an opportunity to purchase ‘Rivers to Cross and Mountains to Climb’ when Bob returns for a book signing on July 4 at Back at the Ranch in Brady. Derrick Bobo has received orders to report to Ft. Hood for pilot training. In March of 2004 he will be stationed at Pensacola Naval Base for training as a jet pilot. Derrick is in the U.S. Air Force, although he is training on an army and navy base. Kent Gafford was in Lohn last week, visited with old friend Klein Reed. Kent graduated in 1953 and the class will be meeting this Saturday at the Tabernacle to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Those who graduated on May 22 that year were; Peggy Browning, Juanice Amarine, Johnny Caylor, Tommy Caylor, Jackie Faye Dunn, Rama Hemphill, Paul Horne, Wanda Marshall, Glyndol Snodgrass, Kent Gafford, Jerry Turner, Kinneth Slaughter, Marie Frost. Classmate Anna Rae Barsch died at the beginning of the ’52-’53 school term. It is remarkable that all 13 members of the class are still living. Friends are invited to stop by and visit.

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