Everyone has his/her own opinion

Dear Editor: First of all, I would like to state that everyone has his or her own opinion and I am simply stating mine. I am not in any way trying to insult anyone, but I would like to make some points. This concerns the political ad written about the letter to voters of Rochelle I.S.D. While I am not extremely educated in areas of politics, I know that when you write something, you must have all your facts straight for it to be effective. Age limits on buses were mentioned. It was said that the age limit for a bus was eight years and only one new bus had been bought. However, it did not mention that the other buses were in bad shape. Why buy brand new buses if the older ones are running fine’ Speaking as a former Rochelle student, I know the school system has to be frugal. Money must be saved where it can be saved. Another comment was made that said student participation and achievement has not increased. I can only observe, and this is what I see. I ran track, played tennis and basketball, etc. I now live in Arkansas and get the Brady paper. When I was running track, there were not near as many students involved in this sport and winning medals as I am reading about in the paper now. I was very proud to read about how well our sports teams are doing. It was negatively pointed out that Superintendent Lange did not attend the National Honor Society ceremony. It failed to mention that he had to be out of town on school business. It was also mentioned that there is a high turnover rate in faculty and staff. This may be true, but many of these people are young and/or married. Speaking as a young, married person, I know that young people rarely stay at a first or even second job very long because we are always trying to move up. When a better opportunity opens up, such as an attractive head coaching position did for coach Chris Short, we grab it. Having experience as a new wife, we follow our husbands if their job so demands it and they are the main breadwinner. Rochelle school is not causing the turnover by itself. Other factors must be set into the equation. This next statement really dug in deep. “From the past five graduating classes, some have gone to four year colleges, but not a single one has graduated. (Is this acceptable’)” To me, this is an uneducated statement. I am one of the students you are talking about. Have you bothered to talk with us and discover why we have not graduated yet’ Do you know us personally’ Life happens. Things get in the way. You are making it sound like Rochelle School caused my lengthy stay in college. Don’t you dare. The faculty of Rochelle did nothing but support me and help me the entire time I was trying to get into college. My grade point average has never been low in college. In my case, I was confused on what I should major in and thought I had it decided. Well, I took a job in that field and decided it actually wasn’t for me. I am now in exactly what I should be in and will have my master’s degree in three years. Yes, it will take a while but I never gave up. Sure some of us might take a little bit, but do not down talk us when you don’t know the whole story and make Rochelle look bad for it. High school is for high school. College is up to the individual. As for my friends who did not go to college; that is fine too. Many people just weren’t made for college. I have many friends that are doing great as hunting guides, real estate agents, pharmacy technicians and many other jobs. They are happy. They didn’t stay away from college because Rochelle School didn’t help them go. They didn’t always want to go. God made us individuals with separate life occupations and ideas. His world couldn’t function if there weren’t billions of individuals with their own different life goals. In closing, I am a person that is proud to be a graduate of Rochelle High School. My city friends think it is amazing I graduated with 11 people and considered the faculty my friends, not just teachers. I have lived my whole life in this area, as has my dad and my late granddad, late great-grandmother and many before them. My heritage is rooted in this area and this very school. We all graduated from Rochelle High School and are/were very proud of it. I refuse to let the faculty, my friends and my old stomping grounds look ridiculous when the facts stated in the latest ad were not backed up by research. This is simply my opinion and you are more than entitled to yours. Sincerely, Kyla Moseley-Hendricks, Bella Vista, Ark.

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