Austinite impressed with Wrights’

Dear Editor: I understand that there is a possibility that Orville and Sally Wright will not be allowed to renew their lease of the Brady Lake Marina and Campground. I wanted to write to express my impressions of the Wrights and their contributions to the town of Brady through their work at the marina. I took my special education students from Austin for a three-day camping trip as a reward for good behavior last year and was so impressed by the marina and the Wrights. The facility was clean and well-maintained, and the Wrights were extremely kind to my students. They served my kids a watermelon and a pan of brownies for being well-behaved while they were at the marina. They also spent time with them giving them fishing tips and listening to their “life stories.” They made each student feel important and loved. One girl even exchanged addresses with Sally as they had become close during our time there. Orville and Sally are wonderful ambassadors for the City of Brady. They are friendly, hard-working, and very loving toward those who camp at the facility. One of my students, after meeting them, even said, “Gosh, Ms. Chase, the people in Brady are a lot more friendly than people in Austin!” I feel that the City Council should think long and hard before deciding not to renew the Wrights lease of the property. They have put a great deal of their own money and hard work into that facility and it benefits all who visit there. My students and I will be returning for our annual camping trip again this year. We could go to any of the state parks for this trip, but we return because of the love we received from Orville and Sally Wright. Sincerely, Caroline Chase, Austin, Tex.

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