Youth win at 4-H, FFA judging contests

“Winning a judging contest is not the only thing that 4-H and FFA members win. Meeting new friends and having fun while being part of worthwhile learning experiences are the winning discoveries to judging,” said McCulloch County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd. “The competitiveness with other kids for awards and scholarships is reinforced each time a member participates. It does not matter what the subject matter is, judging strengthens everyone’s ability to skillfully evaluate everyday life skills.” Numerous hours are spent by 4-H and FFA members at practice sessions. Behind the scene, parents and leaders volunteer an immeasurable amount of support to help teach members how to evaluate animals, plants or consumer goods. Team coaches include Mike and Doniene Fullagar, horse judging; Ronnie McAnally, wildlife judging; Joe Behrens and Jerry Kidd, livestock judging; and Jane Holubec, consumer judging. For their efforts, McCulloch County 4-H and FFA team members have been very competitive within their respective judging events. “Highlights for everyone involved in judging activities is the challenge of achieving one’s personal and team goals,” Kidd said. “The livestock senior team won both the Uvalde and Stephenville contests, with the consumer judging teams winning the Intermediate Division at the District 7 contest. Both horse teams placed in the top three teams at district. The senior 4-H wildlife team qualified to represent Region II at the state contest in May. Several other teams have placed in the top 10 teams at the various contests.” Team and individual results are as follows: San Angelo Livestock Judging Feb. 22 SENIOR TEAM’seventh overall, first in beef, second in swine, ninth in sheep. Team members included Jay Behrens, 12th individual; Leslie Ranne, 15th; Katie Kidd, 34th; and Erica Roueche, 35th. Also judging as a junior was Josh Behrens. Contest winners: Erath County 4-H, Tom Green County 4-H and Guadalupe County 4-H San Angelo Wildlife Judging Feb. 22 Members included Casey Kidd, Jace Fincher, Rygh Fullagar, Daniel McAnally, Jacob McAnally, Errett Edmiston, Tyler Williams, James Ross and Billy Smith. 4-H and FFA teams were coached by Ronnie McAnally. Brady Livestock Judging March 1 SENIOR TEAM’fourth overall. Team members included Leslie Ranne, fourth; Katie Kidd, fifth; and Erica Roueche and Cody Holubec, participants. Contest winners: Andrew County 4-H, Eastland County 4-H and Sterling County 4-H. JUNIOR TEAM’fourth overall. Team members were Roz Roueche, sixth; and Abby Probst, Keely Probst and Lindsey Brown, participants. Uvalde Livestock Judging March 25 SENIOR TEAM’first overall, followed by Mason and Freer County 4-H teams. Team members included Leslie Ranne, first; Cody Holubec, second; Jay Behrens, sixth; Katie Kidd, seventh; and juging as an individual was Erica Roueche, third. Stephenville Livestock Judging April 4 SENIOR TEAM’first overall, followed by Erath and Johnson County teams. McCulloch County team members included Erica Roueche, third; Jay Behrens, fourth; katie Kidd, 13th; and Cody Holubec, 34th. District 7 Horse Judging April 4 in Stephenville SENIOR TEAM’third overall behind Burnet and Brown Counties. Team members included Mikkie Fullagar, second; James Ross, seventh; Chance Couvillion, ninth; and Casey Kidd, 10th. In the invitational contest, the team placed seventh overall with Mikkie Fullagar placing ninth overall. JUNIOR TEAM’third overall behind Burnet and Lampasas Counties. Team members included Rygh Fullagar, fifth; Lindsey Brown, ninth; Mollie Fullagar, 10th; and Jacob McAnally, 12th. In the invitational contest, the team placed sixth overall with Rygh Fullagar placing 14th overall individually. District 7 Consumer Judging April 4 in Brownwood SENIOR TEAM’fourth overall. Team members included Wendee Carlson, Kyle Kastner and Jeffrey Bierman. JUNIOR TEAM’fifth overall. Team members included Jake Cortez, Lacey Sawyer and Suzanna Ewert. INTERMEDIATES TEAM’first overall. Team members included Destiny Galindo, Josh Behrens, Laret Lawrence and Roz Roueche. Region II 4-H & FFA Wildlife Judging April 12 in San Angelo SENIOR 4-H TEAM’second overall 4-H team, qualifying for the state wildlife contest. Team members were Casey Kidd, third; Jace Fincher, fourth; Rygh Fullagar, fifth; and Daniel McAnally, 10th. 4-H juniors also judging were Jacob McAnally and Errett Edmiston. BRADY FFA TEAM’eighth overall FFA team. Team members were Tyler Williams, James Ross and Billy Smith. 4-H and FFA teams were coached by Ronnie McAnally.

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