Who is the right candidate for the job’

Dear Editor: I have canvassed the candidates for City Council and have found that not a single one has bothered to read the city charter. As demonstrated by their actions, none of the incumbents has read the city charter either. This is evidenced by their answers to the questions posed by your newspaper. How can anybody apply for a job without reading the job description!! The city charter is the document that defines the position of council member. The city charter, established by and approved by vote of the citizens, establishes the responsibility and authority of the council members. The council members, including the mayor, do not have any authority beyond that established by the city charter. The charter gives the citizens control of the city government and cannot be changed except by vote of the citizens. It is important that the citizens retain this control in order to avoid graft and corruption. The existing council has continually violated this charter with impunity. One of the candidates has stated that the council has always acted in accordance with the law according to his own counsel (paid for by the citizens). The State Attorney General has ruled otherwise and has found them in violation of the law. The prosecution of these criminal violations must be by either the District Attorney, Ron Sutton, who has chosen not to be available to the public or by the County Attorney, Mrs. Ginger Treadwell. When approached on the subject of the mass resignation by the council, Mrs. Treadwell readily admitted that the proof of violation of the Texas Open Meetings Law (a criminal misdemeanor) was self-evident but stated to me that she would not prosecute any polititions. This is, of course, in violation of her oath of office to uphold the law. It is interesting that (according to yesterday’s paper) she is lecturing the county officials about the Texas Open Meetings law for which she has previously demonstrated a complete lack of respect. The answers to your question of giving direction to the city employees were interesting. The city charter very clearly states in Section 3.15 that the council has no authority to give any direction to any city employee, including the City Manager, except by Ordinance or Resolution passed in open, posted, council meeting. The charter calls for a City Manager form of government. Why can’t we hire an experienced, professional city manager to operate the city business in a professional manner’ This is the form of government established by the citizens as defined by the City Charter. Whatever we might have to pay for an experienced professional would save the city a lot of money in the long run as opposed to our system of inexperienced management by politically elected council members. The city is now deeper in debt than it has ever been. We need a change in the City Council and a law-abiding County Attorney. Please vote! Sincerely, Harold Byler, Brady

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