‘Memory of the past’ now available on T-Shirts

The Lohn High School Junior Class is still taking orders for the Tee Shirt picturing the old building . Sizes from youth medium to adult X Large are $12; Adult XXL is $13.50 and Adult XXXL is $15.00. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a memory of the past. The shirt will be on display at all of the reunions this summer, so you will have a chance to order one. They are available in white or natural. Frankie Fore, of Pear Valley, has been involved in volunteer work for sometime now. She has devoted time to Central Texas Opportunities and other very worthwhile programs in McCulloch County. She has been chosen to be the coordinator for Americorps Vista program in McCulloch County. Americorps Vista is a national organization implementing programs to help the disadvantaged, the disabled and elderly of the community. Frankie will be in Austin to learn more about the program. When she returns she will be assessing the needs of the communities within the county, and referring people to existing programs and implementing programs not currently available in this area. Frankie will be seeking volunteers to help in this outreach to people who will benefit from these programs. At present she is looking for a small office space to rent; until then you can leave a message on her voice mail at 344-8130. If you would like to help, please call her. She would welcome volunteers. Deanna Willis spent last week at the Bloede farm house, taking a spring break from her classroom at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, even though most people have no idea how to pronounce it, must be an interesting place to live. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, established in 1714. Deanna came also to check on the restoration work being done on her house, the old Hemphill house south of Lohn. She is restoring and renovating the house to make it liveable when the family comes back for visits. The rattlesnakes are out moving around. Dusty Huie was mowing the yard at the Bloede farm house and mowed down a big one. David and Carla Huie’s little puppy was bitten by one also. Barbara Daniel had her son, Mike, home from San Angelo for a visit over the Easter holiday. When she took him back they had lunch with Lyle and Eliot Daniel and children. Congratulations are in order for Lyle, who was recently promoted to Assistant fire chief for the city of San Angelo. Lyle has been with the department for 16 years and has come up through the ranks to his present position. Rama Huie drove to Abilene for a Friday and Saturday visit with her sister Jeannie. They called on several old friends while she was there. She was back home on Sunday to attend church. There were some little ones at the Church of Christ service on Sunday. Tommy and Nona Caylor had Sunday guests and all but one of the 15 attended church with them. Nona’s son, Jerry Yancy and wife, Sharon, their daughter, Jordan, and baby, Kolton; daughter Carla Voygt, husband Mark, sons, Aron and Michael; daughter Shelly Sanford, husband Robert, children, Keith, Tyler, and Caylor; and the Caylors’s foster daughter, Leslie McDonald and five month old daughter, Jennifer. Carrol Fischer enjoyed having her entire family at home for Easter, Steve and Linda, Stephanie and Kyle, Doug and Chris from Pear Valley, Gary, Justin and Tracey from San Angelo, David and Linda Denise and D.J. from Wall, Robert and Donna, Landon and Robyn , Bill and Carolyn Dotson from Veribest. Gene Bratton’s sister, Lanell Roberts, spent a week with him and Carla. Lanell lives in Tempe, Az. The Lohn Valley Improvement Association has received memorials for Mike McCartney from Becky Hester Girling and Caroline Hodges Cole; for Norris Campbell from Larry and Ann Walker; for Terry Mitchell from Narvel and Nelda Rogers, Ivey and Caroline Cole, Brad and Shirley Ellis; for Pudge and Joyce Gage (Laura Helberg’s parents) from Carrol Fischer; for Jerry Ludwick from Brad and Shirley Ellis. Many friends of Lottie Solsbery have sent memorials in her honor; David and Ouita Bratton, Carrol Fischer, Jack and Peggy Smith, Klein and Celeta Reed, Ray and Joyce McMurray, Danny and Marty Barnett and Daylon, Jerrel and Peggy Hemphill, Larry and Ann Walker, Julie Walker, Ivey and Caroline Cole, Brad and Shirley Ellis, Mickey Huie Bloede. Donations made to the Association have come from the Church of Christ, Anna Loveless, Joy Frost Pruitt and Dennis Hodges. Joy sent a very nice donation just because she is a Lohn ex and we appreciate her generosity. Joy hasn’t been able to come back home in a long time because of health problems. She keeps in touch with old friends through e-mail with Wynette Moore Russell. Dennis Hodges also gave a generous donation in memory of all of the old friends who have passed away in recent months. Dennis helped considerably to make the Lohn Valley Improvement Association a reality in the early days of its formation. We thank all of you who continue to support the Lohn Valley.

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