Brady PD holding small misplaced wheelchair

Officer Kenneth Poe with the Brady Police Department reported Tuesday morning to the Brady Standard-Herald that a small wheelchair has been found and is being held at the local department. According to Poe, the wheel chair, possibly used for a child or small adult, was picked up on the north side of town on April 12 at the corner of Crothers and North Grant. Once reported to the Brady PD, Poe left the apparatus at the location for several hours until he noticed no one had returned to claim it. The wheelchair is currently being held at the local police department for “safe keeping” until the owners can come forward and claim it. “All we need is someone to come by and give us the color or a description of the wheelchair and we’d be happy to give it back,” said Poe who went on to mention that the apparatus is in excellent shape and working condition. For more information, contact the Brady Police Department at 597-2121.

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