Wrights ‘family’ of supporters increases

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to certain circumstances we were made aware of while camping at Brady Lake this past weekend, April 10-13, regarding the potential termination of Orville and Sally Wright as managers of Brady Lake marina and campground. We are outraged. We have been informed that the renewal of the Wright’s lease may not occur because of some ridiculous petty criticism such as the restrooms being kept locked. As a frequent camper with four children and four grandchildren who all enjoy staying in the cabanas at the lake, this is one of the benefits we really appreciate. If any of us need to use the facilities, particularly after dark, we do not have to worry about someone lurking or hiding in the restrooms as we have in the past. We know they will be clean, well-kept and working. This was not the case before Orville and Sally came there. We live in Midland. We do not have to come to Brady Lake to fish (incidentally, we have never caught any keeper fish here). We could easily go to San Angelo, Colorado City, Lake Ivie, Oak Creek Lake, Brownwood and other lakes all within 150 miles of Midland. But we choose to come the extra distance to Brady Lake because of the Wrights. The Wrights have made us feel like they really wanted us at this lake since the first time we came back. They have made us feel like part of a family, not just theirs, but everyone who is camping along side us. My husband and I went to Brady Lake in the 1960s and early 1970s with my parents and grandparents. Our children were toddlers then. We came with our children only two times between 1980 and 1999. Both times the facilities were filthy, the campgrounds were unkempt, the cabanas were falling apart, the grass was never mowed, the marina was a trash dump and the noise at night was appalling. It was like being in a rowdy bar all night. I was actually afraid to go to the restrooms after dark or to fish on the marina after dark without my husband beside me at all times. And getting to sleep was not an option’it was an impossibility. It was not a place I wanted my family or myself to be. Now we know that Orville will enforce the rules and regulations about quiet time, and anyone who has been at the marina in the last two years can clearly see the remarkable improvements that have been done, not only at the marina but in the campgrounds as well. It takes a unique personality and character like Orville to be able to enforce these rules without angering and offending people. Many times he has been forced to quiet down someone or a group of people who have had too much to drink. They can be and often are belligerent when they have to be reproached. Anyone who knows Orville Wright knows he is the perfect man for that job. He is effective without being overly severe. We witnessed him taking care of that exact situation this weekend when a large group of campers got out of hand with their alcohol and music. But Orville took care of the problem quietly, skillfully and without any hard feelings from anyone. It could have ended very differently. We also appreciate the fact that we can fish from the outside of the marina without having to worry about getting our lines tangled up and caught by some of the bass club members who think they have to fish at the marina from their boats. This is not allowed at any other marina. Why do they think they can do it at Brady Lake’ They have the whole lake to fish in. Those of us who do not have a boat have a right to fish quietly and without having the fish scared away by the boats coming right up to the marina at a dead run. I have seen it happen more than once. They will come inside the no wake area at full throttle just to irritate people fishing. They will also throw their lines out toward the marina, tangling the lines that are already in the water. It is rude and very unsportsmanlike. Orville works very hard to keep this from happening. I know there is not enough room in your newspaper to print this entire letter, but there is one other matter that I feel sure the citizens of Brady are not aware of. Orville and Sally Wright are the biggest promoters of shopping and eating in Brady than anyone I know. Thanks to their suggestions, we have been introduced to the Lone Star Bar-B-Que (we were going to go to Llano to eat barbecue and Orville suggested Lone Star), the Country Kitchen (we didn’t’ feel like cooking breakfast that time so Orville suggested it), Evridge’s (we were going to go shopping in Mason until we told Sally what we were looking for), and Bargain City, as well as becoming frequent shoppers at Brady’s Wal-Mart. We have a huge Wal-Mart Supercenter in Midland, but we really like the selections they have here. We would not have known to go to any of these places if Sally and Orville had not told us about them. Now we don’t feel like we can come to the lake without visiting these places at least once before we go home. So they are not only good for the lake, but they are also good for the economy of Brady. If they were not at the lake, they would not be in a position to steer people to these places in Brady. Please publish this so all of those who will be participating in this decision will be aware of what they will be losing if they lose Orville and Sally Wright. My parents and grandparents are gone now, but I cherish the memories I have with them at Brady Lake, and I want to make new memories with my children and grandchildren at your lake. When we come to Brady Lake, Orville and Sally make us feel like we are coming to see our family. They don’t have to do this. They go to great lengths to make everyone feel welcome. They bend over backwards to make sure our stays are as enjoyable as possible. However, let me assure the city council members that if the contract they have with Orville and Sally is terminated because of petty, ridiculous objections like these, my entire family (10 of us in all) will not be coming back to Brady Lake. Further, we will do our best to make sure all of our friends who live here and go to Brady Lake are aware of the situation and recommend that they not go back to this lake either. If the city council members choose to make such an unscrupulous decision to terminate people who have done such an outstanding job for reasons like these, one can only imagine what kind of person they would “approve” of for the position. THE GERALD REINHART FAMILY; THE BUSTER REINHARTAMILY; THE ZACHARY STUMP FAMILY

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