Neighborhood watch set up to stop illegal dumping on north side

Dear Editor: While this letter is addressed to you, it is really sent as a message to members of the community who day-in and day-out choose to illegally dump their unwanted junk at the edge of town on North Grant and Walnut Streets. This type of behavior is not needed and will no longer be tolerated. I can’t understand why people can’t be respectful of other people’s property and neighborhood and simply take their junk to the landfill where it truly belongs’not on the back roads of McCulloch County. My parents’who are both in their 50s and two of the hardest working people I know’have land that they purchased a couple of years ago in that area. Not a day goes by that they can’t be seen outside doing some type of improvement to their property. They have even influenced fellow neighbors to do the same, and I commend them for that. Unfortunately, however, some inconsiderate people think it’s acceptable to dump their unwanted couches, mattresses and brush on the north side of town. I understand that not everyone can be a neat freak, but at the very least these people who find it necessary to throw their garbage to the roadside should consider whether or not they would want it thrown around in their neighborhood. People who think they can get away with law violations such as this should think again, especially in this particular neighborhood. People are watching, license plate numbers are being recorded, photographs are being taken and “you” will be reported to both Sheriff Earl Howell and County Attorney Ginger Treadwell. For those who “got off” with illegal dumping in the north side of town, consider yourselves lucky. A neighborhood watch has been organized and anyone who selfishly chooses to “trash” this neighborhood in the future will be reported to the proper authorities and prosecuted if necessary. (Witnesses in that area will come forward to see that the necessary punishment or penalty is applied for the crime which you have committed.) Someone has to take the lead and see that this type of behavior (or ignorance) is ended. I will do everything I can and utilize whatever resources are available to me to see that my parents’ hard work and labor of love for their home doesn’t go to waste. I hope others will do the same and stand up for their right to live in a clean environment. No one wants to live next to a pile of junk. Thank you, AMANDA HOWELL; Brady, Tex.

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