Out-of-towner commends Wrights on Brady Lake improvements

Dear City of Brady, This note is to let the city manager and the city council know how excited we are about all the improvements that have been made by Orville and Sally Wright (at the Brady Lake marina). They have cleaned and repaired the dock and the parks are much better than they have ever been. The locking of the restrooms was the best thing, they now stay clean for paying guests. They would have been torn-up by now if they weren’t locked. Believe me, I know how they were before the Wrights took over. They have never been so good. I just wanted all of you to know what a good job they are doing. My wife and I have been coming here for years, and this is the best it has ever been. Thanks! Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Sincerely, JOHN H. FINLEY; 609 North 10th; Alpine, Tex. 79830

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