Everyone dressed up for Easter Sunday

Easter has always been a special time in Rochelle. In grade school I loved the Easter egg hunts. I was so excited and ran so fast trying to find the most eggs I never found the most or the prize egg. One time one of my buddies didn’t even look for the eggs, he just sat back and waited. He said, “They will divide the eggs anyway.” In junior high school, some of the meaner boys in my class would bring rotten eggs. Back then the eggs were not wrapped, but very colorful. I always ate too many. In the past, everyone dressed up very much on Easter Sunday in Rochelle. Some of the guys I grew up with might not attend church very often, but on Easter Sunday they were in church’even with a hangover. My folks wouldn’t plant a garden until Good Friday because they said we would have an Easter cold spell. As a teenager, they had a sunrise Easter service at Mercury. I remember one time my mother told me to be home by 10 p.m. so I could get up to go to the Easter sunrise event at Mercury. Well, I went to Brady to the midnight ramble and just stayed up and drove on to Mercury. I was the first one there and probably the only one to go to sleep during the service. Mother wasn’t too happy with me. At church on Easter Day, the bonnets were in style and most everyone had new shoes. I can still picture all five of the Haywood girls all dressed up. Mrs. Whitaker told me that when Ella Rae was young she had on her new shoes, but they were on the wrong feet. The church was full of dressed up folks with lots of good singing. My favorite Easter hymn is “The King Is Coming.”

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