Fleming bankruptcy won’t affect Super S

Lewisville-based Fleming Cos., the nation’s largest grocery distributor, filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday and has lined up proposed financing to keep the company going. Fleming, the main wholesaler for IGA products, is the biggest supplier of products for both local grocery stores owned by Super S Foods of San Antonio. In a letter issued to its store managers located throughout the state, Super S Foods President David McBurnet stated that although Fleming is one of the company’s biggest suppliers, alternate supply sources have already been lined up in the event supply lines are interrupted. “We are going to continue to make every effort to fill orders and continue business as usual,” stated a Super S spokesperson on Wednesday. “We are not affiliated with Fleming other than using them as a wholesaler. There are other wholesalers out there and if the need arises, we are ready to use them.” The spokesperson reiterated that the financial stability of Super S Foods is in no way related to that of Fleming. Fleming’s financial troubles were compounded in recent months following the decline and eventual collapse of a 10-year deal with Kmart worth an estimated $4.5-billion-a-year. The 88-year-old company filed for Chapter 11 protection in Delaware and is attempting to reorganize in order to continue its daily operations.

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