Emergency vehicles should be respected

Letter to the Editor, I wanted to address the citizens of Brady. There are some citizens that do not pay attention to our town’s emergency vehicles. I saw a car and truck that would not move out of the way of the volunteer firemen’s truck on Wednesday morning. To these people I say, “What were you thinking'” What if they were responding to a call that involved you or a loved one’ And because someone like you didn’t move out of the way, your house burned down, something that perhaps could have been saved. Or what if you or a loved one were in a life or death situation and those seconds or minute could have saved you or your loved one’s life’ Wouldn’t it upset you or even anger you, if you heard the reason they weren’t there sooner was because people wouldn’t move out of the way’ It would me. There are three things I myself do to make sure I can always hear them. 1.) I keep my radio to a normal listening level; 2.) I have my window rolled down a little; 3.) I am always checking my mirrors. I do this because I don’t want to be responsible for delaying the emergency response teams and risking the chance that a person’s house burns down or they lose their life, just because I didn’t move out of the way. I couldn’t live with that thought on my mind. So please, always think of this when you’re behind the steering wheel of your car. Thank you ELIZABETH COVEY, Brady, Tex.

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