Protesting the protestors of war

To the Editor, This is in protest of the protestors of the war. I hope that they take time to read this, but their mind set the way it is, they’ll probably ignore it. They say they don’t even know why America is there. Some say, it’s oil. Some say it’s Liberation of Iraq. They don’t know, they want answers! I say, open your eyes, take time to listen and pray. Going out in the streets causing problems, is not helping anyone or anything. All you are doing is lowering the morale of our young men and women. They need your support and prayers’not your protests’which is costing tax payers (this includes you) more money that can be used elsewhere. I respect your rights. That’s what America is all about. Please, do it another way’support our troops, President and coalition forces. Don’t you realize that we are there to liberate the Iraqi people, plus to control terrorism that Saddam has put all over this world’ Don’t you realize this sadistic ruler is the one that trained the terrorists that hitthe U.S. on 9-11 or have you forgotten that already’ If not controlled, you could lose your freedom. Do you want a Saddam to rule our nation’ He has the same type of terrorists among his people, dressed in civilian clothes. Look at the news, even though the people are protesting and say, they support Saddam, they are scared, look at their faces. I’m talking about the civilian people of Iraq (not Saddam’s regime of terrorists and murderers). Wouldn’t you be scared, if there was someone among you, carrying rifles and guns, ready to kill you if you do differently’ We will win this war! It won’t be easy. Yes, there will be lives lost and many injured. The world will be better for it'”Freedom is not Free.” Please, pray. Put a protective barrier up for our troops by reading Psalm 91 daily. God bless our troops, coalition, our president and his advisors. God bless America. LYNDA J. HALL

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