Youngster dials 911 saves house from fire

A young neighbor going to practice the piano was deemed a “hero” by Brady resident Louise Long after he called 911 upon finding the Long’s house filled with smoke. The call came into Brady dispatch early Tuesday afternoon and fire and emergency crews were dispatched to the scene in the 1200 block of South Pine. Fire department personnel arrived on the scene and found the house completely filled with smoke. The source of the smoke was a pot left on the stove cooking a chicken. The pot was removed from the house before any flames started. “I put the chicken on the stove and was waiting for it to boil,” said homeowner Louise Long. “I got busy and forgot to check it before I had to leave for an appointment. I am just very thankful my little 12-year-old neighbor Coleman Hemphill stopped by to practice the piano.” According to Mrs. Long, when Hemphill arrived at the home, he saw the smoke and called 911 using the phone on the kitchen table. “I am very glad Coleman had the fortitude and the wisdom to do what he did,” said Mrs. Long. The house received minimal smoke damage and losses were limited to the burnt pot. “I want to tell all the people involved how much I appreciate everything they all did,” said Mrs. Long. “It is nice to live in a place where friends and neighbors care so much for each other.”

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