SSgt. Taylor impressed with local guard unit

Dear Editor: I am a SSgt in the United States Air Force and I am stationed at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo. I volunteered for this assignment for the interest of teaching. I am currently an imagery intelligence instructor for a group of about 200 Air Force and Marines students. I teach a variety of subjects from maps, charts and geodesy, recon platforms and sensors, information operation and offensive missiles. I entered the service in January 1992. I am married to Jennifer (Finn) Taylor and have two children, Josh and Hallie. I have vast experience with the U-2 and predator operations along with national reconnaissance work. I have been stationed at Thule, Greenland, Reese AFB, TX, Langley AFB, VA and Goodfellow AFB, TX. I have worked several operations to include Operation Southern Watch, Operation Desert Focus, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Desert Strike. Intelligence is the way to go! My main goal is to get everyone trained in the mission they will be doing for the war. I would also like to say that I am very impressed with the way the guard unit handles itself in Brady’very professional. Keep up the good work. I do feel they could use more funds for training equipment. In today’s world training is the key to winning. Sincerely, SSgt. Marshall Taylor; San Angelo, Tex.

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