Brady Elementary fifth graders, teachers praise Camp Goddard

In a first-ever trip of its magnitude, the Brady Elementary School fifth grade class traveled to Oklahoma last week for a five-day trip to Camp Goddard. A camp designed to enhance grade school kids in the areas of science and ecology, 74 Brady students and 12 adult counselors left Brady at 6:30 a.m. Monday. “We rented tour buses out of Austin and after leaving early that morning, we arrived at the camp around 12:30 p.m.” said fifth grade science teacher Steve Craig. “When we arrived at the camp, we met with camp director Wayne Edgar and then immediately started out on our first set of trails. Each trail lasted three hours.” The trails and activities included digging for fossils along a canyon trail, trails dealing with man and the environment, man and water and activities such as archery and fishing. “On Monday night, we had a local naturalist named John Preston come and give a 1 1/2 hour program on snakes,” said Craig. “The students were allowed to hold and pet the snakes and learn about many different types of snakes. “On Tuesday, the wildlife refuge sent over people with a variety of animals like a ferrett, a baby white tiger and a cockatoo. They did a program that lasted about an hour that covered a lot of different wild animals.” Divided into groups of 10-12 students, the kids spent the week rotating throughout the different trail activities. They also participated in a nighttime hike coupled with “spooky stories” told by group leaders. The Thursday night gathering had the students performing skits that will be aired on the local cable channel at a later date and various awards were given out for the week’s activities. “We had a lot of opportunities to learn about the ecology of the area and have hands-on experience with the environment,” said Craig. The trip is the culmination of an extended fund-raising campaign by the students of the fifth grade to offset the cost of attending the camp. Numerous individuals and businesses contributed to the efforts and the staff and students wanted to express their appreciation for all those who helped in the cause. The faculty and staff of Brady Elementary School would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for the generous gifts of time and money they have provided for our 5th grade students’ educational field trip to Camp Goddard. “We are very honored and excited to have your support. It’s wonderful that you have all taken the time and effort to invest in our youths’ education by assisting the school district with its programs.” All persons that purchased Sonic Value Cards and raffle tickets. Mr. & Mrs. Grant Appleton Brady Implement Company Brady Land Bank Brady Standard-Herald Mr. Donald L. Barley City Drug of Brady Allen Cox Curves for Women Dart TV Rental, Inc. Fall Festival Participants Mrs. James R. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Groomes Tommy and Melissa Hail Heartland Rig International Jacoby Feed and Seed & Caf’ Mrs. John W. Jones Jump Time Mrs. Ed Keeling Leatherwood Funeral Home Mac’s Bar B Q Michael and JoAnn Martin Mays Ranching Company, Inc. Mrs. Sam McAnally McDonald’s of Brady Elida Moreno Moreno’s Mobile Service Norman Motors, Inc. Norwood Outdoor, Inc. Oglebay Norton Industrial Sand Mr. & Mrs. Javier Paniagua Parents of all Brady Elementary School 5th Grade Students Ms. Kathleen Porter Mrs. Stephen Rockwell Mrs. Frank Roddie Jr. Rural Cellular Shatzie Ranch Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shuffield Sonic Drive-In Mrs. Clair Whitesell The 12 adults on the trip were: Angela Bierman, Teresa Smith, Suzanne Rozelle and Steve Craig (all fifth grade teachers); Kelley Hirt (principal), Peggy Edmiston, Diane Peavey and Jan Gardner (elementary employees); Dave Edmiston and Eli Arellano, (high school teachers); Ed Hernandez (school board member) and Mrs. Roque (school nurse). Can’t wait to go back! The following quotes represent highlights of the fifth grade class’ trip to Camp Goddard and were taken from their individual journals. 1. The bus ride was kind of fun because we watched movies and it was so comfortable.-Henry Luna 2. When we got there, I thought that this was going to be boring and out-dated. I was wrong!!- Chris Jackson 3. I had a good time, I want to go back! -Ashton Locke 4. The only boring part was the bus ride!- Lacy Sawyer 5. I was so excited because I’ve never been to a camp!- Chasity Gomez 6. When I first saw our cabins and our beds, it wasn’t really what I was expecting, but I think it’s going to turn into a great learning experience!-Tiffany Cruz 7. It was totally awesome! The camp was beautiful!- Jordan Ledezma 8. Camp Goddard is the best place in the world!- Jordan Washington 9. My fishing pole got stuck four times!-Felipa Felipe 10. I like the all-you-can-eat cafeteria!- Mark Salas 11. WOW! That’s all I can say!- Shelby Young 12. The hamburgers at camp were the best I’ve ever tasted!!- Alex Moreno 13. It was so cool to be able to touch the snakes!- Brittne Friar

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