April 22 set as Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day

April 22 has been set aside by the Girl Scouts for a number of years as Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day. Girl Scouts of the USA reports that there are 942,000 volunteers registered who serve 2.8 million girls in more than 233,000 troops or groups. Jan Cate, CEO of the Heart of Texas Council, says “these statistics show just how important Girl Scout Leaders are. They are developing young women and guiding them on the path that will lead them into their roles as the leaders of tomorrow.” Mrs. Cate stated that she felt Sarah Louise Arnold best described the Girl Scout leader in the following excerpt from “The Way of Understanding.” “The Girl Scout leader is not merely one person, but is “many in one.” First because she has the spirit of comradeship, she is a good comrade. Next, she has the mothering spirit, the chief characteristic of all fine women. This is the loving and caretaking spirit that goes hand in hand with the spirit of patience. She loves much and can wait patiently for those whom she loves while they grow toward understanding. “The Girl Scout leader also has the spirit of the guide. Her task, as well as her joy in life, is to show others the way or to lead them to it. Her hand is outstretched to youth as if it were saying ‘come with me and let me help you find the way,’ and yet, much of the joy that comes to the Girl Scout leader is also due to the enduring truth that Girl Scout herself asks to be led, asks to be taught, asks to be shown the way. The leader respond to her and together they climb toward understanding. “The Girl Scout leader has the spirit of joy. In both work and play she is always rejoicing. She is a good playfellow and a cheery worker. She sings at her work. This spirit of joy may always be found where true comradeship abides. “The Girl Scout leader may also be known by her spirit of service. She has the home spirit which is swift to see and to meet the needs of others. She has a spirit of service with which she becomes more and more richly endowed as she carries on the work of her troop. “The Girl Scout leader has the spirit of the adventurer. She goes forward with eagerness, blazing new trails for the sake of those who follow after, and for the sake of the new day that is to come. For the whole of Girl Scouting is an adventure in comradeship. Every morning is a fresh beginning, every day has in it the elements of a new trail to be blazed, even though there must be repeated the self-same tasks of yesterday. She gives and she goes. She plays, works, lives and loves with cheer and follows the trail with the spirit of the adventurer who expects to find, not a pot of gold at the end of the journey but increasing joy in every step of the way.” Mrs. Cate said that “the role these special people play in the lives of our children cannot be overstated. Girl Scouting offers a world of opportunities and adventures to every girl, everywhere. None of it would be possible without these women and men who step forward to say… ‘I’ll do it.’ April 22 has been set aside to say thank you to a group of individuals who are shaping the future.”

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