Sgt. Holloway appreciates local media coverage, support

Dear Editor, Thanks for putting our addresses in the paper. I am going to give you the names of other people here if people want to mail them something as well. I don’t know if the schools are doing anything, but if they are, I know that the guys over here would enjoy hearing from them and knowing that at least some people are supporting us and not everyone is protesting. We are all proud to be out here and we don’t think poorly of President Bush for doing what he is. We are all ready to go in and take care of business and are just waiting for him to say go. It makes us upset to see people protesting this war and not standing behind us for what we are about to do. Everyone was so quick to point the finger after Sept. 11 and get the wanted revenge. As soon as we go to ensure that nothing like this will happen to us or anyone else, people start protesting; more than likely because they don’t like the price of gas right now. They need to know that we are preserving the peace in our nation and ensuring that Iraq becomes a peaceful place to live as well. I guess people don’t understand the crimes and murders that Saddam committed against his own family and the citizens of his own country as well as the country of Kuwait. Let us do our jobs. I wish the young protestors knew how much of a let down it is to the college students. Most of us are their age, yet they are protesting what we are doing. For those people who are behind us, God bless all of you. We do realize that there are people out there who do care and it is for them, as well as everyone else, that we are proud to be out here. Here are some names of my fellow soldiers who would love to hear from you. Just address it to their names and send it to the address the same as mine. Sgt Blackburn, Lonnie C. (North Carolina); Sgt Keesling, Danny W. (W. Virginia);Cpl Moncrief, Jeffery A. (Indiana); Lcpl Lewis, Michael A. (Virginia); Lcpl Harris, A.P. (N. Carolina); Lcpl Seale, D. (Florida). Sincerely, Sgt. Chris Holloway U.S.S. Saipan Mailing address: Sgt Holloway C.J. 2nd MEB MALS-29 (GSE) USS SAIPAN DET C 77176 FPO AE 09511-7176

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