$700 donation used to purchase new playground equipment for Casa Care

It’s spring break and you would think that Casa Care would be a quiet place. We’ve had some very exciting things happening that are going to be a big surprise for the children. We had a donation of $700 from Harry Tetens, my brother, and his girlfriend, Virginia Von Sheele, both of San Antonio, to go toward the purchase of a new piece of playground equipment. Mike Hall and the trustees have been putting it together. It is a swing set with slide and a climbing area. I have tried it out and it is fun! I’m so thankful for these gentlemen and their expertise. They did a wonderful job. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church donated $200 for a desktop copy machine. I purchased a Lexmark desktop copy machine from Wal-Mart and it is set up and ready to go. Sometimes when the children are in a big hurry to pack up and catch the bus, they may forget to get everything. This leaves one of us copying down the page for them to complete. As you can imagine this take s up a lot of valuable time. Now, thanks to the Catholic Church, I can just run back to my office and push a button. Our kids have been busy studying for the TAKS test and taking parts of it. Jasmine Martinez has become Texas Reader and Tymotthy Zapata an Independent Reader. Sierra Murray and Traci Curtis both received Outstanding Effort Awards for the spring 2003 fundraiser and will have lunch with Mr. Holubec. George Vela and teammates of Little Dribblers won first place in the San Saba Little Dribbler Tournament. They are very busy children. I think I should let you know something about our high school volunteers. They go to school all day and then they take time out to come to Casa Care to work with our children. These are all outstanding students who are involved in many activities. Vanessa Fuentes is a regional member of the FCCLA. She went to Dallas for a meeting and was voted vice president of public relations. She also plays the bass clarinet in the band. Vanessa and Crystal Ortega both are on the Bulldog golf team and UIL debate team. John Paul Sandoval and Allison Johnson are on the tennis team. Wendee Carlson is in 4-H, student council, UIL and plays the French horn in the band. Brandi Neal comes several times a week before she goes to work and she plays in the band, also. Michele Devenport comes twice a week to work with the children. When homework is done she is out there playing with the children. She is also in the Brady Bulldog Band. We have a new volunteer, Lindsey Fisher. Thanks for coming and helping out. When you see any of these young people, give them a pat on the back and tell them how awesome they are. I love and appreciate each one of them. The food donations have been outstanding. Curves for Women, owned by Camille Sammons and Elisha Schumann, sponsored a food drive this month. They made a list of the snack foods that are favorites of the children and donations have been wonderful. A big thanks to Camille and Elisha, and to all of the ladies who have participated in the fund-raiser challenge. On St. Valentine’s Day, we celebrated with cherry cookies, made by Murri Mills, and coke floats. Jack Medrano donated three boxes of Girl Scout cookies and Linda Stites has kept us supplied with Little Debbie snacks. Super S donated ice cream and McShan’s donated Valentine cookies. Thanks for making our kids smile. I want to include a thank you to my cousins, Clyde and Mary Lou Willhelm, who live in Birmingham, Ala. They get the Brady Standard-Herald and read about the Brady happenings. Last month they made a cash donation. Thank you, and I love you guys. I am so thankful for everyone in our community and the generosity that they have poured out to the children of Casa Care. I want to tell my family thank you for supporting me in the fund-raising. Come see us sometime, you’ll have a blast.

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