Public plea for votes

Dear Editor, I would like to inform everyone that the American Cancer Society is having a mister/miss pageant to help raise money during the Relay for Life. I have agreed to take part in supporting this great organization by participating and would appreciate any support that you would like to give me by voting for me. Votes cost $1 and you can give them to me or mail them to me at Box 1109 here in Brady. What I am not proud of though is the was some of my competitors have acted in their efforts to win the title. While at work on Monday I was busily getting ready to conquer another week when over the radio I heard my name. After a close listen, I realized that it was one of my competitors defacing my good name. I think that this person’s first name is the same as a famous country singer, whom I might add has aged a lot better than our local citizen by the same name. I know that we cannot expect a lot out of a contestant that says her interest is whatever is all about her. Shouldn’t your queen have a larger world view’ There are so many worthwhile organizations out there that one should not be so wrapped up in themselves. I mean seriously, she is taking shots at me because her days as a beauty queen are over and her age is catching up to her at a very rapid pace. I am not normally one to talk, but that is what hard living will do to a person. Which brings up the question, how do you want the person representing Brady as Miss American Cancer Society to act and live their lives’ Thanks for your time and please support the American Cancer Society. Sincerely, “Michelle” Whitworth; Brady Editor’s note: This is all in good fun, so please support the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

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