Military Contacts

Ssgt. Paula Bedgood Blickenderfer United States Air Force Paula is currently stationed in Germany and is soon to be deployed. Lcpl Brian E. Criger United States Marine Corps. Brian is a Radio Tech in the U.S. M.C. He has been in the Marines for two years and three months. His last location was Hawaii. He is now in Kuwait. At his boot camp graduation ceremony he was presented with the Leatherneck Award by the Board of Governors for outstanding performance. This award made him honorman of his platoon. His parents are Carl Criger of Mass., and Gilda Criger of Brady. His address is: LCpl Criger B.E. USMC 1st RAD BN CSS Section UIC 43633 FPO AP 96426-3633 Daniel (Max) Davidson United States Navy Max is a Petty Office serving on the USS Enterprise in Norfolk, Va. He has trained as a fireman. The ship he is on, the USS Enterprise, is the largest nuclear power carrier in the United States fleet. Max was onboard the USS Enterprise, coming back from a training mission, when it was turned around and sent to Afghanistan. It was the first ship to be deployed during the current state of national crisis. They remained overseas for an additional three months before they returned stateside. He is the son of Cheryl Davidson of Brady. Commander Mark J. Deardurff USS Kitty Hawk United States Navy Mark is a graduate of Texas A&M University, class of ’83 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation he was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. He has served on active duty since. He received his flight training at Milton Field, Florida. His duty assignments have included four different aircraft carriers, a stint at the Pentagon, flight instructor at Milton Field, navigator aboard the USS Inchon, assignment to the joint military command at Kelly Field San Antonio. His present assignment is commanding officer of helicopter Squadron 14 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. Mark is married to Terry Beaman, daughter of Douglas & Dorthy Beaman of Voca. They have two daughters and a son who are now residing at the United States Naval Base Atsugi, Japan. Sgt. Catrina Hernandez United States Military Reserves Catrina, 21-years-old, is currently a member of the 341st Military Police Company in San Jose, Calif. She joined the reserves the day before her 18th birthday. She has just completed training for deployment to the Persian Gulf. Her company will head to Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Wash. where they will undergo “theater specific training” and find out their assignment. Catrina said, “It’s really not about whether you agree on don’t with what you’re fighting for. It’s who told you to fight. It’s that you are fighting for people next to you, fighting for your comrades, who are your family.” Catrina is the granddaughter of Mac and Sylvia Moreno of Brady. AE 2 Charles W. Hodges United States Navy Charles is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newlin and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hodges all of Brady. He has been stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan since the first of August, 2002. His email adddress is: Hodges Charles AME2 (VFA-25)2 (Chodges at vZA25, Navy,mil) Sgt. Chris Holloway United States Marine Corp Chris is a 1998 graduate of Brady High School. He is a member of the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 29 (MALS-29). He is married to Melissa of Sneads Ferry, N. C. His parents are James Holloway, of Brady and Deborah Holloway, of Belton. He is the Grandson of Otha and Norma Holloway and Rex and Martha Brafford, all of Brady. Chris was deployed from New River, North Carolina to the Persian Gulf on January 13. His address is: Sgt Holloway C.J. 2nd MEB MALS-29 (GSE) USS SAIPAN DET C 77176 FPO AE 09511-7176 SFC Ronald McGowan United States Army Ronald is a Sergeant First Class – E-7 with Delta Btry 1/121 FA (MLRS). He has been deployed to Southeast Asia on Operation Enduring Freedom. Ronald graduated from Brady High in 1985. He then went to McMurray College in Abilene, where he was a business major. He is a LP at Lowes in Austin. He is the son of Clarence and Mary McGowan of Brady. Cpl. Trenton R. Merren United States Marine Corp Trenton is currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. His parents are Carolyn and Trennon Merren of Brady. His address is: Cpl Merren, Trenton R. 3rd Mar. Div. HqBn G-6 Unit 35880 FPO AP 96602 His e-mail address is: MerrenT@3 DIV.USMC.MIL Corporal Daniel W. Virdell United States Marines 81 MM Mortorman, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Marines, Infantry Division Daniel was trained at Camp Pendleton, California and is currently stationed at Marine Corps Base, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii He is a Forward Observer for 81 MM Mortorman. His travel includes Okinawa, Phillipines, South Korea, and Fuji. He is the son of Terry and Terri Virdell of Brady. Airman 1st Class Wes W. Virdell United States Air Force Wes is an Electronic Missile Technician. He was trained at Vandenberg AFB, California and is currently stationed at F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming. He performs electronic maintance on Peacekeeper and Minuteman III Missiles at Wyoming, Nebraska, & Colorado Missile silos. He is the son of Terry and Terri Virdell of Brady. SSgt Leslie J. (Sandoval) Warbis United States Air Force Leslie is currently assigned to the 39th Communications Squadron at Incirlik AB, Turkey, Personnel Specialist. She is married to: SSgt Joseph R. Warbis United States Air Force Joseph is a native of Regent, North Dakota. He is currently assigned to the 39th Maintenance Squadron at Incirlik AB, Turkey as a munitions systems specialist. Both are members of the 39th Wing at Incirlik AB and are in direct support of Operation Northern Watch and Operation Enduring Freedom. They have been stationed in Turkey for approximately 8 months. Msgt. Shari (Bloys) Wicks CMSgt. Robert Wicks United States Air Force Shari is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tex Bloys of Brady. She has 22 years of service. She trains new recruits fresh out of basic training and prepares them for military service. Robert has 24 years of service and is with the security police. He will be leaving soon to a destination unknown. Both Shari and her husband, Robert, are stationed in Japan at Yokota Air Base. They plan to retire in two years upon returning to the states.

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