Little tree on highway supports our troops

A small tree on the side of the road on State Hwy. 71 near Voca now serves as a signpost of McCulloch County’s support for our military, only this tree has been decorated with a more personal touch. Taking the support for our troops to a more personal level, several Voca residents have adorned a tree with American flags and yellow ribbons signifying their support for the military. On each yellow ribbon there is a name which is a friend or relative on active duty with ties to people here in McCulloch County. The Voca Culture Club, a group of ladies from the small community just southeast of Brady, decided to decorate the tree to show their support for the military and more specifically, their relatives. “We decorate the tree around the holidays with Christmas ornaments, but this time we decided to honor our service men and women who have been called to active duty,” said a spokesperson for the group. “What we hope will happen is that the general public will add to it to show their support as well.” The tree is located near the intersection of Hwy. 71 and CR 208. Names already adorning the tree include: Chris Gonzales, son of Alphonse and Martha Dotson; Heather Owens-Trwelove and John Owens, daughter and son of Michael Owens; Vic White and Mark Dearduff, sons-in-law of Doug and Dorothy Beaman; Brian Taniquchi, grandson of Doug and Dorothy Beaman; Amie Horton, daughter of Juanita Horton. “We would encourage anyone with a relative in service to our country to add their name to that tree,” said the spokesperson. “It is only a small way we can honor and support those who serve our country.” In response to recent events dealing with the threat of war, the Standard-Herald has been collecting information on men and women on active duty serving this country in the armed forces. The information collected will be published several times in upcoming issues to give readers up-to-date information on people they may know who have ties to McCulloch County. The newspaper encourages any positive correspondence with these individuals and welcomes letters of support. Any person wishing to add names to the military contact list is encouraged to call or email the newspaper at 915-597-2959 or and submit any pertinent information.

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