Impressed by Daniels’ letter

Dear Editor, May I say amen to Charlie Daniels’ letter to the Editor in the March 11 issue of the Brady Standard-Herald. He put the arrow in the center of the Bull’s eye. Our nation needs more men of his kind who show true respect for the Stars and Stripes, and what this flag stands for. As I read his letter, I couldn’t help but think of all the protesters which the news media so frequently and gleefully flash on the television screen in an effort to counteract the fight that our present administration is waging against terrorism. Do these protesters not understand who it was that started this war’ Have they forgotten 9/11′ They carry their signs of “Peace Not War,” when America, the most peace-loving nation on earth, has been ruthlessly attacked by bloodthirsty, warmongering nations that kill their own people with gas when they don’t line up with their barbarous dictators who have no regard for human life. This same bunch of protesters also do their marching in favor of butchering the innocent unborn, while at the same time protesting the death sentence of the world’s most hardened criminals. They cry out against our government for not spending more money on Aids research to find a vaccine to cure Aids so they can go ahead and practice their vile perversion of sex that has brought on this terrible disease that kills millions throughout the world every year. I for one am sick of their hypocritical peace protest when they stand for everything that is contrary to peace. The news media presents their protest as representing the majority of how the people in this nation feel, when it is doubtful that they represent even 10 percent. It does appear to me that the news media is on the side of the enemy. GENE LYLES; Rt. 1, Box 170; Brady, Tex.

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