New owners purchase White’s Auto Store

March 13-16, 1962 Claude Holley of Seminole and Homer Doggett of Dallas have purchased the White’s Auto Store in Brady from Raymond Holland and will hold open house Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Three prizes will be given away to visitors who register at the store. First prize is an Eureka Vacuum Cleaner; second is a boys’ or girls’ bicycle; and third is a White Super Auto Battery. Holley and Doggett are brothers-in-law. Mrs. Holley is the former Mary Nickols, and Mrs. Doggett is the former Elizabeth Nickols, originally from Goldthwaite. Until retiring several months ago because of his health, Holley was president of the Seminole State Bank. Reared at Seminole, he served as manager of the chamber of commerce back in the 1950’s, at Gonzales, Rusk and Graham. Holley also has eight and a half years of retail business experience with the W. T. Grant Co., serving as manager or assistant manager of Grant Stores in Monroe and Baton Rouge, La., Corpus Christi and Houston. He and his wife plan to purchase a home in Brady. For Doggett, moving to Brady is like “coming home.” He was reared in Goldthwaite and is acquainted with many Brady residents who are former Mill Countians. For many years, Doggett was in the service station business in Goldthwaite, Coleman, Pampa (20 years) and Albuquerque, New Mex. For the last three years he has been working as a mechanic for a Brunswick bowling center (the 12-lanes Hart Bowl) in Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Doggett have a daughter , Miss Jan Doggett, who is chairman of the girls physical education department for a high school in Palo Alto, Calif. * * * Wool and mohair fashions wow Style Show spectators “Oh’s” and “ah’s” greeted the fashions worn by “Miss Wool” and “Miss Mohair” here Saturday night at Beta Sigma Phi sorority’s Style Show. “We like to hear those gasps of appreciation,” smiled Mrs. Barbara Klindworth, commentator at the show. From Fashion Creators, Inc., Dallas, she serves as chaperone for the wool and mohair queens, Miss. Carolyn Barre of Yoakum and Miss Carlene Brown of Brady, during their nationwide tour. In a stage setting of spring flowers, Mrs. Klindworth described each ensemble as the girls made quick changes backstage, going through their wool and mohair wardrobes. All of the clothes’dresses, sweaters, coats, pants, hats and accessories in various colors’were designed, of course, from wool and mohair fabrics. And Mrs. Klindworth repeatedly pointed out the superior qualities to be found in wool and mohair, the good looks, the ability to hold its shape, its ease of cleaning, its ability to take a wide variety of colors. Even the makers of synthetic fabrics admit the superiority of wool and mohair, she said, when they say their fabrics “look like wool and feel like wool.” Held in the Brady High School auditorium, the style show program was introduced by Mrs. Ed Williams, and the Kensing Trio (Ima, Ona and JoAnn) sang the show’s opening number, “My Favorite Things,” an arrangement by Mrs. Hilma Stockstill from “The Sound of Music.” * * * City to extend utilities to motel’s cafe The City Council, meeting Wednesday afternoon, agreed to extend water, lights and sewer service to a new coffee shop-dining room being built by Billy Jack Neal just south of his Plateau Hotel on South Bridge St. The council said that Neal has agreed to petition the city to annex his property into the city limits as soon as the utilities are completed. Other property owners on the east side of South Bridge’from 17th Street to the motel’will be “given the opportunity” to come into the city limits at the same time. Work already has started on Neal’s coffee shop. It will seat 60 persons and still have a dining room to seat an additional 64. With an exterior of red cedar and masonry, the building will have a roof with lines similar to the motel. The interior will have mahogany paneling and floors of quarry tile. “We’ll install the latest equipment and furnishings and try to have it in keeping with the rest of the motel,” Neal said. He will operate the coffee shop himself. “We hope to be open not later than June 1.” Buster Quain is the contractor of the job. * * * Snow blankets county, but leaves fast A surprise snowstorm, five to six inches, blanketed McCulloch County Wednesday’but left only .25 inch of moisture. The snow began falling about 7:30 a.m. and continued without let up until about 1 p.m. In the 34-degree temperature, however, the snow melted, almost as fast as it fell. The temperature Thursday was still chilly, but the sun was out bright, and most of the clouds had been chased away along with the snow. * * * Rochelle grid coach to take Junction job Coach Kenneth (Tootsie) Mitchell is resigning at Rochelle to become head football coach at Junction High School. Mitchell, however, will complete the school year at Rochelle and report to Junction next Aug. 1. He resigned in a letter to the Rochelle School Board Wednesday. At Junction, he will succeed Coach Bill Floyd who resigned in February. Floyd also will complete the school year at Junction. No successor has been named at Rochelle and Supt. C. W. Thompson said Thursday that “applications are not being taken as yet.” A “hometown boy” at Rochelle, Mitchell returned to his old high school to become assistant coach after receiving a degree from Howard Payne College. He served one year as assistant and then became head coach when Jerrel Rice moved to Cisco three years ago. This year, the Rochelle Hornets were co-champions with Eden of District 8-B. They compiled a record of eight wins, one loss and one tie. That tie (22-22) was with Eden in district play; which dead locked the two teams for the title. Eden, however, won the flip to advance to the playoffs. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Rochelle News Mrs. J. W. Hargrove accompanied Mr. and Mrs. J.E. White Sr., of Brady to Amarillo for a few days visit with her daughter Mrs. Kathy Jones and Barrie, while the Whites visited their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Casey. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Waddill, Sr. visited their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Baker of New Mexico a few days and returned home on Monday. Weekend visitors of Mrs. G. L. Scoggin and Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Wolforth were Mr. and Mrs. George Moorman and family, Brenham, and Mr and Mrs. Jack Traweek and Terry, Zephyr; and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Penn, Mercury.

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