Youth win at San Antonio, San Angelo Stock Shows

Several McCulloch County 4-H and FFA exhibitors were among the elite winners at the San Antonio and San Angelo Stock Shows. According to County Extension Agent Jerry Kidd, “Our 4-H and FFA exhibitors did an excellent job with their animals. We hope we can continue the winnings at the remaining two major shows at Houston and Austin.” Top winners in the steer barns include Katie Kidd and Josh Behrens, both having Reserve Champion steers closely followed by Jay Behrens and Lance Helberg. In the meat goat barn, Victoria Barksdale overshadowed Zach Jones and Seth Bozeman for top honors with her class winner. The big winners in the lamb barns were the Jacoby brothers, Adam and Dylan, with Tyler Williams placing lambs at both shows. In the breeding barns, Meagan Schaffner, Amber Gossett, Wendee Carlson, Abby Probst, Cody Holubec and Jannica McAnally all placed gilts in the top 10, with Keely Probst leading the county group with her class winner. Heifers exhibitors were led by Casey Kidd with his class winner and also winning the Senior Showmanship award at San Angelo, closely followed by Lance Helberg, Michael Cook, Leslie Ranne and Katie Kidd sharing in the top honors. Daniel McAnally was the top winner from the county with his breeding meat goat. County exhibitors received over $22,500 for their top livestock projects. “Only market animals that placed within the top five to 10 percent showing are eligible for the major auction sales,” stated Kidd. “For exhibitors with breeding projects, their projects are not sold in the auctions because of the loss of ownership of the animal. Instead, breeding projects are normally retained for animals replacements and the exhibitors compete mainly for premium monies and college scholarships instead.” San Antonio Stock Show STEERS Katie Kidd, Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou steer, sold for $5,000; Jay Behrens, second place Santa Gertrudis steer; sold for $2,500; Lance Helberg, second place Limousin steer, sold for $2,500; Casey Kidd, eighth place Santa Gertrudis steer; Erica Roueche, 13th place American steer; and Josh Behrens, Leslie Ranne, Roz Roueche, Bo Stuart and Hunter Stuart, participants. HEIFERS Michael Cook, third, eighth, 10th, 11th place Simbrah heifers; Bo Stuart, fifth place Maine-Anjou heifer; Leslie Ranne, sixth place Simbrah heifer; and Lance Helberg, sixth and seventh place Angus heifer. MEAT GOATS Victoria Barksdale, second place meat goat, sold for $3,750; Zach Jones, fifth place meat goat; Abby Probst, top 20 meat goat; and Brandon Airheart, Traci Bennevendo, Ashleigh Cook, Michael Cook, Kayla Land, Michael Land, Tanner Matschek, Katy Matschek, Shelby Miller, Keely Probst, Brandon Sammons, Brandon Taylor and Reed Williams, participants. BREEDING MEAT GOATS Daniel McAnally, 11th place; and Jacob McAnally and Kaitlin Scott, participants. LAMBS Dylan Jacoby, sixth place Southdown lamb, sold for $2,000; Adam Jacoby, seventh place Finewool lamb, sold for $2,000; Tyler Williams, 11th place Medium Wool lamb, sold for $800; and Colby Dodds, Mickie Fullagar, Holden Jacoby, Reece Jacoby and Zach Jones, participants. MARKET BARROWS Meagan Schaffner, top 20 Crossbred barrows; and Abby and Keely Probst, participants. BREEDING GILTS Keely Probst, first place Spotted Poland China; Meagan Schaffner, second place Duroc; Wendee Carlson, third place Hampshire; Abby Probst, seventh place Spotted Poland China; Jannica McAnally, eighth place Spotted Poland China; and Jessica McAnally, Jeff Bierman, Cody Holubec, Whitney Owens and Casey Owens, participants. RABBITS Lee Richardson, second Best Opposite Sex. LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM Cody Holubec, Jay Behrens and Erica Roueche. CALF SCRAMBLE Katie Kidd, Reed Williams and Quintin Powell, each received $800 certificates to purchase a breeding animal; Hunter Stuart, participant. SAN ANGELO STOCK SHOW STEERS Josh Behrens, Reserve Champion British Breed steer, sold for $2,350; and Jay Behrens, Jace Fincher, Mandie Fullagar and Leslie Ranne, participants. HEIFERS Casey Kidd, first Simbrah Heifer & Senior Heifer Showmanship winner; Lance Helberg, second and fifth Angus heifer and qualified for showmanship class; Leslie Ranne, third Simbrah heifer and qualified for showmanship class; Keely Probst, third and fifth Angus heifer; Katie Kidd, fourth Simbrah heifer; and Abby Probst, fifth Angus heifer. HEIFER FUTURITY Leslie Ranne, third overall high point senior. MEAT GOATS Zach Jones, 18th place; Seth Bozeman, 18th place; and Victoria Barksdale, Bailey Bozeman, Mollie Fullagar, Michael Land, Kayla Land, Whitney Owens, Casey Owens, Brandon Sammons and Reed Williams, participants. LAMBS Tyler Williams, 12th place; and Bailey Bozeman, Seth Bozeman, Mickie Fullagar, Zach Jones and Adam, Dylan, Holden and Reece Jacoby, participants. BARROWS Wendee Carlson, Abby Probst, Keely Probst and Meagan Schaffner, participants. GILTS Amber Gossett, second place; Cody Holubec, seventh place; and Jeffrey Bierman, Wendee Carlson, Jannica McAnally and Jessica McAnally, participants. LIVESTOCK JUDGING CONTEST Seventh overall high team. Leslie Ranne, 11th overall high; Jay Behrens, 12th overall high; and Katie Kidd and Erica Roueche, participants. WILDLIFE JUDGING CONTEST Senior team: James Ross, 11th overall high; and Mollie Gage and Casey Kidd, participants. Junior team: Errett Edmiston, Jace Fincher and Jacob McAnally, participants. CREATIVE ARTS & CRAFTS Amber Gossett, Best of Show, photography (farm equipment); Keleigh Webb, Best of Show, applique Christmas jacket; Lacey Sawyer, first applique Christmas jacket; Courtney Hemphill, first applique Christmas jacket and first dress; Chandra Dean, second blouse; Shelby Young, second applique Christmas jacket; Daley Young, second applique Christmas jacket; Makenzie Schwertner, second capri pants and top; Wendee Carlson, third photography (color print); Kristin Owens, honorable mention skirt and top; Lacey Sawyer, honorable mention dress; Chandra Dean, honorable mention skirt; Wendee Carlson, honorable mention photography (black and white print) and (farm equipment); Mandie Fullagar, honorable mention drawing (pencil sketch) and Meagan Schaffner, honorable mention penciled art. Others participating were Mikkie Fullagar and Leslie Ranne.

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