Speaks out against celebrities

Why do we hold our Movie stars up in awe. They are just people like us. The difference is they entertain for an occupation while teachers, mothers, fathers, firemen, policemen, missionaries, and the rest of us work hard for very little money to teach, protect, comfort mankind. I for one am really very tired of listening to the commentaries of so called newsworthy stations reiterate how many times someone has been married, divorced or how many awards they have earned…therefore, their opinon must be valid and worshiped. Entertainment is important, no one denies one should have a break, a laugh, a story full of heartfelt sentiment. But, the real world needs to start admiring real people and rewarding them for their contributions. Enough of Hollywood Extra or Entertainment Tonight. Let’s hear it for the real world. I may not agree with everything Charlie Daniels said or does, but I admire his straightforwardness and willingness to tell it like he sees it. I have thought it for a while, he beat me to saying it. It is unfortunate that movie stars have the capability to get in the news as an actor and a citizen of the U.S.A. like G.I. Joe Fireman’s oppinion is lost in the smoke. When are we going to look up and say, “hey, wait a minute, who the ___ is she/he anyway” Judith Dustin, Voca, Texas

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