Such a caring town!

There is much to be said for living in a small town’many people have testified to that, mostly travelers needing help as they passed through town. They have expressed themselves many times in this paper. Now, I would like to say something as a member of this wonderful community. On Saturday, Feb. 9, as I was about to deliver a cake and a decorative pillow to the band auction, I fell in my driveway. My house was locked (I evidently dropped the keys as I fell), my husband Gilbert was at a church meeting, and both our daughters were out of town. As I lay on the ground for a few minutes, regaining some of my senses, I was wondering how to get help. Evidently, no one saw my fall, so I started yelling. Eventually, Calvin Bingham (lives about 1 1/2 blocks away) heard my cries. He and others rushed to me, got me into a pickup to go to the emergency room, sent someone to notify Gilbert, and were even preparing to get the cake and pillow to the band auction! There cannot be kinder men in town as they tried to help with all the things that were disturbing me! The ER doctors, nurses and x-ray techs were so ready to help me as it was obvious that I had at least two badly broken fingers that would need extensive surgery. I was sent on to San Angelo after receiving pain killers; surgery was done on Sunday. I now have wire that holds my fingers together. There are many people who must be angels in Brady. They have brought us meals and have driven me to San Angelo for therapy. We are blessed with many caring folks in this town and my family was blessed by some of them. Sincerely, JACKIE CURRIE

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