Retired teachers group hears updates on state happenings

The McCulloch County Retired Teachers Association met on Feb. 13 in the Brady ISD co-op conference room. The meeting was called to order by President Mildred Weatherman. She extended the welcome to everyone and led the group in prayer. Secretary/treasurer Frances Huntington read the minutes from the January meeting, which were approved. She also reported a balance of $1989.83 in the treasury, with addition of dues for two members. Mrs. Huntington stated that she would send in dues once more before the end of February, bringing total membership to 40. Answering the call by President Weatherman for committee reports, Happy Hubbard, legislative chairman, reported a correction should be made in the newsletter. In allowing retiring teachers to return to teaching, the date should be 2001, not 2002. He also reported that RTA no longer owns any Enron Stock. RTA fund growth is 41 billion for a total of $80 billion in assets. The loss was $35.7 million, or .04 percent, of the total fund. He was asked to contact candidates about RTA and encouraged everyone to vote. Ruth Carson reported a total of 6,808 1/2 volunteer hours for 38 members. Emagene Hanniesch was top in total hours. A new form was distributed for the current year. Ruth admonished the group to be diligent in keeping volunteer hours. President Weatherman said communications included an Executive Board Meeting report. A letter from the state president suggested local groups select their district officer for a delegate to the state meeting. I gave the nominating committee report for officers for the 2002-2003 term. Those nominated were: president – Eloise Ficke; first vice president – G.S. Hubbard; secretary/treasurer – Frances Huntington. The report was seconded by Ivie Spiller and the roster of officers was accepted by acclamation. The book donation decision remained tabled until the March meeting. President Weatherman introduced Marie Yazell, district president, who brought the group up to date with RTA news. She said the state meeting will be held April 14-15 in Waco. The spring workshop will be held April 30 in Early. A video is available to use for school employees planning retirement. She discussed priorities for the 78th Legislative Session. The number one priority states, “That TRTA support legislation to increase the state funding to continue a quality health care and pharmacy program for retirees.” A discussion about GPO, book donations, program suggestions and foundation donations was also debated. Ruth Carson made the motion that District Secretary Jessalu Lorck and President-elect Eloise Ficke be elected delegates to the state meeting with Mildred Weatherman’s name added, if she is able to attend. The secretary/treasurer will send in registration. Ivie Spiller made the motion that the unit pay the delegates expenses of gas and motel. Dolores Barton seconded the motion. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned. Those attending were Mildred Weatherman, Laurissa Rawlings, Berniece Wittkopf (visitor), Frances Huntington, Ivie Spiller, Ruth Carson, G.S. Hubbard, Dolores Barton, Jessalu Lorck, Eloise Ficke, Clive Mench (visitor) and Marie Yazell.

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