Love those photos Tootsie!

Looking for photos Dear Tootsie Mitchell: Good morning from Midland. We have enjoyed your column since it’s onset. I was so pleased several months ago when you had school pictures from the past. I’m wondering if you might have more that are available to you. The picture was of the 1911 class. My mom(Stella Cole Lord) and my grandmother, Coles’ half-sister, (Emma Young) were in this picture. Aunt Emma was the teacher. Some of the names were familiar to me although I didn’t know any of them on a personal basis. My question is, do you have any idea were I might be able to find more pictures’ All of mothers’ brothers and sisters attended school in Rochelle. One of her brothers was a pretty good track runner, so she said. He was Raymond Cole. I am related to some of the Engdahls, most all the Youngs, and Coles and seemingly all these families were Rochelle citizens for a lon time. I was a twirling student of Ila Mae when she was still in high school at Brady. Think I was in elementary school’that has been so long ago it seems like a dream. I can remember how pretty she was, but all her instructions were in vain. I had two left feet and twp bumbling hands. If you can help with the picture information, I sure would appreciate it. Keep up your column,we look forward to it !! Sincerely, LaVerne Lord McLeod Midland

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