I’ve always loved to look at cars

I bought a new Chevrolet Impala at Lubke’s in Brady today. As they were filling out the paperwork, I thought about the first new car I ever bought. It was from Lubke’s in Eden. My first car I ever bought was a Model T Ford from Oscar Arledge in Rochelle in 1943. It was a four-door sedan, and it cost me about $75. The next car I bought was a 1931 Chevrolet four-door. We had a lot of fun in it. I painted a heart, a spade, a club and a diamond on each door. (See the picture accompanying this column. Pictured, from left, are myself, Bill Hall and Ben Morrison.) We went to Brady often to drink a curb service Coke at the Hot Pig Stand owned by the Penningtons. My next car was a 1929 Chevrolet with a rumble seat. As a teenager, I liked the car shops in Brady. I always checked out the cars at Jack Chandler’s, S&K Chevrolet, Norman Motors, Ulstad’s and Shuffield and Townsend’s, A.R. Rutherford’s and all the used car lots in Brady. I always looked for a good Model A or Model B Ford. They were much better than the Model T. The cheapest car I ever bought was a stripped down, worn out Ford from Jessie Roper. It cost me $7. The most expensive car I ever bought was a Lincoln Continental which cost about $30 thousand. The fastest car I ever had was a 1959 Ford police car I bought at an auction in Austin. It would run 140 miles per hour. The ugliest car I ever bought was a Hudson. The toughest car I ever bought was an International pickup. Most of the old cars I had, I spent more time working on them than driving. I still like to look at cars. I was always interested since my daddy sold cars in McCulloch County for 45 years.

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