Many school districts have joined Rochelle

Many school districts have consolidated with Rochelle down through the years. Many had consolidated with other districts before finally joining Rochelle. This is confusing, but I think interesting. For instance, the Mendel School District started in 1884. Then in 1917 Mendel consolidated with Union Gap which consolidated with Mooring then it became Claxton. In 1930 Claxton joined Rochelle. The Ward School and the Prairie View School consolidated to form the Fairview District. The Dutton School had already joined Fairview when the school district transferred all of the pupils above the eighth grade to Rcohelle in 1933. Four years later Fairview transferred all its remaining students to Rochelle. Round Mountain and Deep Creek consolidated to create the Cowboy School District which transferred its pupils to Rochelle in 1934. In 1902 the East Sweden School District was created out of the Brady School District. East Sweden transferred one teacher and all of its pupils except the Mexican students to Rochelle in 1936. The oldest school district was the M.E. Cox School District which began in 1896. It joined with Cravens School District which later consolidated to create the Milburn School District. Milburn consolidated with Rochelle in 1937. The Mercury School District was created in 1911. They sent their high school students to Rochelle in 1937. They kept their elementary students until the late 1940s. The Placid School District was created from the Cowboy district in 1910. They sent their high school students to Rochelle in the late 1930s and kept grades one through six until the mid 1940s. Corn Creek School District was created in 1909. They consolidated with Rochelle in 1930 by a vote of 14 to 3. Corn Creek bought the first school bus ever operated in McCulloch County to send its pupils to Rochelle. These school districts today cover 310 square miles with less than 200 pupils in the Rochelle District.

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