Dogs stop Hillsboro, 51-42, win trip to regional

February 21-24 1961 Blazing a new trail in Brady High School history, the Bulldog basketball team won the bi-district championship Monday night, eliminating the Hillsboro Eagles from the state playoffs, 51-42. Never before has a Brady basketball team gone so far in the playoffs. The game, played in the neutral Killeen High School gym, gave the Bulldogs a season record of 25-5 and made them “one of the best 16 Class AA teams in the state.” Only 16 teams will make it to the regional tournament this weekend, and only four teams will make it to the state meet in Austin March 2-4. “I’d like to win just four more games,” coach Ed Whitely smiled Tuesday. That, of course, would give his Bulldogs the state title. But regardless of what happens now, “They’ve done a good job this year,” he said of the Dogs. Whiteley and the Bulldogs will be in College Station Saturday for the regional tournament in the G. Rollie White Coliseum on the A&M campus. They will play either at 11:45 a.m. or at 1:15 p.m. The four teams in the regional tournament will draw for those two games times later, and the winners then will meet at 8 p.m. Saturday to decide who goes to state. The three other regional contenders were to be named in games Tuesday night, but the best guess is that the Bulldogs will be competing against Taylor, Buna or Madison-ville. Buna is a non-football school which always makes a strong showing in the state basketball race and reportedly has a 38-0 record this year. Madisonville has only one loss against 30 wins. Only a pitifully small crowd of Brady fans saw the Bulldogs win Monday night in Kileen. No more than 30 to 35 Bradyites were there, “including the wives of the Brady coaches’ “I can almost name the people who were there,” said Supt. C.A. Reynolds. Free rides in school buses had been offered to Brady students, and 50 signed up for the rides. When time came for the buses to leave, however, only 12 got aboard. Hillsboro brought four bus loads of students to the game, in addition to about 150 adults. The lack of rooters didn’t worry the Bulldogs much, however. “In their minds there wasn’t anybody in Texas who could have beaten them Monday night,” Whiteley said. In fact, the Bulldogs were too determined, too keyed up for the game. “We were tight. We played a good defensive game, but we choked up on offense. They were shooting about six inches short of the basket’just afraid they were going to make a mistake.” * * * Scouring Plant adding 4th line The last three loads of machinery arrived Sunday for installation of a fourth scouring line at Roddie Wool Scouring Company. Frank Roddie, owner of the firm, said the new line should be operating by April 1 or sooner. It will enable the plant to scour 90,000 to 100,000 pounds of grease wool every 24 hours. The expansion also will mean the addition of 15 employees for a total of about 115, making the company’still less than six years old’the largest employer in Brady. The plant operates 24 hours a day, six days a week, closing on Sunday for cleanup and repair. The new scouring machinery was shipped here from Portland, Ore., purchased from a woolen mill which was closing. Roddie said he plans no further expansion of the plant’s capacity. The four scouring lines already will make the Brady firm the largest commercial scouring plant west of Philadelphia. The only other scouring plant in Texas is located in San Marcos; it has three scouring lines. The Roddie company was organized here in 1955 with only one scouring line, but a second line was added within three months. The third line was added in April, 1960, and a new building erected at that time was constructed large enough to accommodate the fourth line now being added. During the last couple of years the company also has put up three new warehouses for wool storage, and Roddie said he also plans to build a new office. “Then we’ll have an open house and invite people down for coffee and show them through the plant,” he added.

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