Council to accept prompt audit report

Now completed in a more timely and efficient manner than in years past, the Brady City Council will consider and act on accepting the 2001 fiscal year audit. Completed by Michael Schaffner, CPA, the audit was held up slightly awaiting confirmations from governmental agencies. Another item on the agenda will have the Council considering a resolution authorizing signatures on the street improvement fund. A response to the previous City Council meeting where the Council approved a resolution to authorize the mayor and city manager to contact small water systems with a letter of intent to obtain water services from the City of Brady, the Council will consider and act on a resolution with the City of Melvin for intent to negotiate on a water contract. In an earlier statement, Brady City Manager Merle Taylor said, “We would like to get some indication from these smaller water supply districts as to whether or not they want to participate in our water treatment plant. The letters of intent are necessary to determine the capacity of the proposed Brady Lake water treatment plant.” In other business, the Council will consider and act on the appointment of two alternate members to the Board of Adjustments and Appeals. In the ordinances, the Council will address two new ordinances up for approval on their first readings: ‘ The first reading of an ordinance establishing rates and policy for utility service outside the city limits. “Currently we don’t have any rates for this type of service,” said Taylor. “This is one of the items that the Charter Review Committee recommended that we establish. “People have a lot of questions about what’s required to establish utility service outside the city limits. Wire size in terms of electrical and line size in terms of sewer, water and gas are just a few of the items people ask about. Those are questions that an engineer or someone qualified in that particular area would normally have to answer.” ‘ Also, the first reading of an ordinance to rezone block 13, lots 7 and 8, Spiller Addition, also known as 1603 South High Street from Type A’Dwelling to Type C’Central Business District as requested by Roger Friar. Before the rezoning item will be addressed on its first reading, the Council will conduct a hearing open to the public for questions regarding the issue. Items to be considered for approval on their second and third readings are: ‘ The second reading of an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 791, golf course fees (the amendment is required to raise daily green fees; however, monthly and yearly rates and youth fees will remain the same); ‘ The third reading of an ordinance establishing guidelines and criteria for granting tax abatement for the City of Brady, and for consideration by McCulloch County, the McCulloch County Hospital District and Hickory Underground Water Conservation District, pursuant to Chapter 312 of the Texas Tax Code; and ‘ The third reading of an ordinance authorizing water service outside the Brady city limits as requested by Fred Nuncio at the POW Camp (208 Private Road).

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