Man, 53, hit in foot in downtown shooting

February 14-17, 1961 Raymond Brown, a 53-year-old Brady laborer, was shot in the foot’but not seriously injured’on a downtown Brady street about 4:15 p.m. Wednesday. Pete Sims, 61, a World War I pensioner, was arrested a few minutes later carrying a 410 single shotgun. He was being held temporarily in the county jail, but officers had not decided what, if any, charges would be filed. The shooting occurred near the intersection of East Main and Elm Streets, just a block from the square. Brown hobbled over to a domino parlor in the Syndicate building in the 200 block of East Main and then was taken to Brady Hospital. Brown remained in the hospital Thursday, and officers said he probably would be there several days. He was hit in the foot and ankle by four or five pellets from the No. 4 shotgun shell. Sims was still in jail Thursday afternoon. A woman came by the Brady Police Station and reported that “there’s a man down there shooting a 22-rifle, and it looks like he’s shooting at somebody!” Police Chief Dorman Gibbs found Brown at the domino parlor and patrolman Wallace Bode and Winfred Dove arrested Sims as he was walking away down North Elm Street carrying the shotgun. Sims told Gibbs that Brown had cursed him and threatened “to beat him to death” when they had met earlier in the afternoon in the same vicinity of the shooting. Sims walked away and circled back to his room at the Brady Hotel where he picked up his gun and returned to the scene. Sims said he fired one shot at Brown’s legs “to make him stop’ when he started toward me.” He added that Brown previously had “followed me fishing and everywhere else and threatened to whip me.” * * * Brady Cagers wrap up title The Brady Bulldogs outscored the Lampasas Badgers here Tuesday night and won their second straight District 18-AA basketball championship. Now in the bi-district, Coach Ed Whiteley’s crew will meet Hillsboro, champion of District 17-AA. With one more game to play this week, the Eagles were undefeated in their district race. Hillsboro school officials were here Tuesday night and went into a conference with Brady officials as soon as the Bulldogs decisioned Lampasas, 74-54. They agreed to play the bi-district game in neutral Killeen next Monday or Tuesday. The date depends on how AAA-Killeen makes out with Belton in their fight for a place in the basketball playoffs. Killeen and Belton were to tangle Thursday night this week. If Killeen wins, Brady and Hillsboro can use the Killeen gym Monday night. If Killeen is eliminated, the Brady-Hillsboro game will be played in Killeen Tuesday night at 8 p.m. It will be the first meeting of the Bulldogs and the Eagles since that regional football game with Hillsboro back in 1956. Tuesday’s win over Lampasas gave the Bulldogs an enviable record: eight straight victories in the district and a season record of 23-5. For coach Whiteley it meant his cagers had lost only one district game in the last three years. Whiteley, a former Brady cager himself, is completing his seventh year as coach of his old high school, and this is probably his finest team to date. The past three-year record, in fact, is the best showing that Brady High has ever made on the hardwood. The Brady gym was almost filled to capacity Tuesday night, bolstered by a hefty delegation of students and adults from Lampasas. The total gate was $206.65, probably another record for the regular season contest. * * * ‘Favorites’ elected at Brady High Brady High School students this week completed selection of their school and class “favorites” after a series of elections. The all-school favorites were elected Monday, but the ballots were not to be counted until Tuesday afternoon. The favorites by classes are: Most Handsome Boy’seniors, Gene Rowell; juniors, Bob Archer; sophomores, Chipper Lankford; freshmen, Paul Booher. Most Beautiful Girl’seniors, Joyce Haynes; juniors, Kathryn Leach; sophomores, Rose Ann Reynolds; freshmen, Georgann Granville. Most Popular Boy’seniors, Lanny Dorsett; juniors, David. T. Quinn; sophomores, Robert Shurtleff; freshmen, Greg Chase. Most Popular Girl’seniors, Nancy Archer; juniors, Cheryl Huffman; sophomores, Judy Davenport; freshmen, Diane King. Most Representative Boy’seniors, Dan Salter; juniors, Darrell Roper; sophomores, Joe King; freshmen; Ronnie Kyzar. Most Representative Girl’seniors, Barbara McCord; juniors, Pat Porter, sophomores, Jeannette Sorell; freshmen, Nettie Ann Carr. Favorite Boy’seniors, Jimmy Hill; juniors, Harry Bowden; sophomores, Craig Steffens; freshmen, T.A. Wilton. Favorite Girl’seniors, Jerrilyn Lohn; juniors, Marilyn Haynes; sophomore, Connie Schaeg; freshmen, Mary Rose. * * * 3 McCulloch boys win cash prizes in calf scramble Tommy Penn, a Rochelle FFA boy, Johnny Quinn of Brady and Jack Weaver of Melvin were winners this week in the calf scramble at the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show. Each will receive cash prizes which must be used to purchase livestock for their FFA or 4-H Club projects. Johnny and Jack competed in Monday night’s scramble, and Tommy was in the Tuesday show. Tommy, a $150 winner in the Houston calf scramble last year, was accompanied to San Antonio Tuesday by his FFA advisor, Miers Johnson and Kirby Huffman, Ray Doyal, Doran Lemke and Bill Hagler, all Rochelle FFA boys. They were in San Antonio for the stock show all day Tuesday and didn’t get back home to Rochelle until 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. Bill Hagler is entered in the Houston calf scramble Feb. 26.

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