Lost purse

Dear Editor, Early in December 2001, while traveling through Texas, I left my purse’containing a large sum of cash, several credit cards, my check book and our airline tickets to Hawaii’in a local restaurant. When, an hour later, I realized I didn’t have my purse, we stopped and called the restaurant. They said they had not seen it. I was devastated! But we drove back anyway. We stopped at the restaurant with no results, so we went to the police station. Lt. Ed Matsis very courteously handled our complaint, couldn’t offer much hope that it would turn up, but took our daughter’s phone number in Abilene where we were spending Christmas. Four or five days later, we received a call from Officer Kenneth Poe, that my purse had been returned and we drove to Brady to pick it up. The amazing thing was’nothing was missing! We just want to commend the Brady Police Department, everyone was very helpful and courteous, especially these two fine policemen. And I’m sure there is an interesting story here that they couldn’t tell us. MRS. DON TREAS Santa, Rosa, N. Mex.

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