Little Dribblers wrap up 2002 basketball season

The Brady Youth Sports foundation wrapped up the final six games of the season last Saturday when boys and girls Little Dribblers teams in three separate divisions went head-to-head to claim the championship titles. Completed in two different gymnasiums, the youthful competition between Schwertner Paint & Body and Subway kicked off the action in Brady High School’s lower gymnasium. In a close call that came down to the wire, the undefeated Schwertner Paint & Body team met their match and got their first sour taste of defeat as Subway cooked up a 19-17 win. In the follow-up game it was the first and second grade boys teams of Jacoby Feed & Seed and Sonic Drive-In battling it out for a win. After a commanding lead that put Jacoby Feed & Seed up by 10 at the end of the first half, 20-10, Sonic mounted a comeback’one that left the opposing team shaking in their sneakers. The Sonic dribblers closed the gap and came within five points of forcing a tie. The momentum stopped there for Sonic as Jacoby Feed & Seed pulled out the championship victory, 40-34. Moving on to the next age division, the showdown between Owens & Farris and Oglebay Norton Industrial Sands, Inc. was a close competition that left spectators clinging to the edge of the bleachers. Oglebay Norton got off to a rousing good start and led Owens & Farris Little Dribblers by three at the end of the first half, 7-4. The tables were turned in the second half and Owens & Farris moved ahead of Oglebay Norton to seal the one-point victory, 16-15. In the other half of the third and fourth grade division, the boys teams of Lubke’s GM Cars & Trucks and the Brady Rodeo Association hooped it up with hopes of walking away with the title. Lubke’s fell victim to the fast paced teamwork displayed by the Brady Rodeo Association. Coming within four points to tie the match in the closing seconds of the game, Lubke’s was plagued by the buzzer as time lapsed and the Brady Rodeo Association team pulled out the win, 24-20. Stepping up the talent to a more experienced group of basketball hopefuls, the fifth and sixth grade girls’ teams of Wes-T-Go and Evridges hit the court hoping to capture a win. A close game from the “get-go,” Wes-T-Go began to suffer from an array of problems’an injury, the absence of a key player and major foul trouble. With player numbers dropping for Wes-T-Go, the game quickly moved to a three-on-three as Evridge’s pulled players to balance the load. Equal numbers wasn’t enough for the Wes-T-Go team which was already struggling and trailing from behind. Evridges claimed the championship title, 39-17 with the largest margin of the playoffs. In the final match of the 2002 Little Dribbler season, Security Finance posed a challenge for the fifth and sixth grade boys sponsored by Williams Conservation. A match that went back and forth the majority of the game, not even a fast, no-hassle loan could ensure the win for the Security Finance team as Williams Conservation held on for the win, 25-22.

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