HOSTS program reaches out to help youngsters in reading

One can make a difference in a child’s life by spending a mere 30 minutes once a week reading with them. The Brady Elementary School HOSTS program is seeking volunteers who are willing to make a committment to help improve the future of a Brady student. HOSTS, the acronym for Helping One Student To Succeed, is a reading program for students in grades one through four at Brady Elementary School. The purpose of the program is to give one-on-one attention to children who require a little additional help in mastering the basics of reading the English language. Previously headed by Barbara Moorman, Mary Ann McCarver is the new coordinator having taken over when Mrs. Moorman retired in January. Now in its seventh year of existence, the program is in need of both men and woment adults from throughout the community to volunteer their time to benefit a child in need. “This is a program that has been proven to be extremely beneficial to children,” said Mrs. McCarver. “Right now, we have 50 students who come four times a week for 30-minute sessions. That leaves over 200 time slots to be filled over the course of a week. “All one has to have is a love for reading and a desire to help a child,” she said Various time slots are available throughout the week and according to Mrs. McCarver, most of the open spaces fall in between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. “We do our best to work around the teachers’ class schedules and pair up one adult with one child for one-on-one interaction,” she said. “We have a lesson plan that the student follows, and we help the mentor and student get started and then they take it from there. “It’s important that mentors be committed,” said Mrs. McCarver, “but if a person has a desire to help a child and see that child read with comprehension, then we really would like them to get involved.” To contact Mrs. McCarver, call the Brady Elementary School at 597-2590.

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