Remembering: basketball teams at Rochelle

With the winding down of the basketball season, I was looking up some of the games in the 30s and 40s. Back then they would have a county tournament. In 1938, Rochelle won the county championship. Their first game they beat Voca, 51-30. They then beat Brady. Pear Valley was favored to win the county, but Rochelle slipped up on them and took the county title. Some of the best players for Rochelle were Herbert Penn, Hollis Brown, Walter Roper, E.B. Winkler, Raymond Stewart, Richard Burk, J.R. Cawyer, and Foy Dunn. In the district tournament, Rochelle lost to Brownwood, 37-31. A year or two later Rochelle won the Doole Tournament by defeating Talpa, 32-27. Some of the better players on this team were Richard Burr, Jack Wood Ford, Jerrell Rice, S.H. Gainer and Clary. Chosen on the all-tournament team at the Doole tourney were Burk, Rochelle; Peel, Melvin; Williams, Millersview; Watkins, Talpa; and Fowler, Lohn. When I was in high school at Rochelle, we had some good teams, but we only beat Lohn one time, and that was in the Eden Tournament. Cleg Gassiot was their coach and superintendent. Lohn had a lot of good players. The few I remember were Snodgrass, Turner, Deck, Moore and Necessary. In my coaching at Rochelle, Hugh Doyal scored the most points. John McDonald was the most competitive, Pee Wee Brown was the most active. Other great players were Ronnie Nowlin, Kirby Huffman, Doran Lemke, Ray Doyal, Lynn Banks, Gayland and Waylon Cowan, J.W. Graham, Jimmy Moseley, Bozy Hagler and Arlan McBee.

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