FBBB garners more than $14,000 in radio auction, Sonic receipts

By Amanda Howell The 32nd Annual Famed Brady Bulldog Band Auction got off without a glitch Saturday morning with the help of KNEL radio station, Classic Cable and numerous Band Boosters and ended up running into the early evening hours. The event brought in $13,500 from the radio broadcast and combined with the $2,200 donation from Sonic Drive-in, the proceeds from Saturday will more than exceed the $14,000 goal. “Our Sonic proceeds totaled $4,000 Saturday,” said local drive-in proprietor Javier Paniagua. “We donated $2,000 to the event and the students earned $200 in tips.” “All of the band boosters were very happy with such a wonderful turnout,” said Band Booster President Mary Beth Lewis. “The money will help many band students from sixth grade on up. “Local businesses as well as community members did a super job of supporting the event. We had a lot of help from middle school kids and students who car-hopped at Sonic until 11 p.m. the night of the event.” This year’s mystery dinner went for $1,000 to Danny and Marsha Neal and friends. “We really appreciate KNEL, Lynn Ferris, Penny Williams and Classic Cable for their continued support and help with the event,” she added. High ticket items auctioned off included passes to the upcoming mystery dinner, “The Tragical Mystery Tour,” scheduled for June 6. Other items auctioned included baked goods, gift certificates and merchandise from local businesses ranging from a mattress/box spring set, a youth ram hunt, barbecue grills and other miscellaneous items. “I was really pleased with the day,” said Brady band director Butch Crudgington. “It was really a better day than I had anticipated. “This year’s event was even more successful than last year’s. We totaled $10,600 from last year’s broadcast before Sonic’s contribution was added.” When explaining how the money would be best utilized, Crudgington added, “There are several new instruments that we will be looking at getting: a baritone saxophone and a vibraphone. Right there you’re looking at approximately $6,000. They actually list for more than that but the school could get both for around that estimate. “We’re also going to have to look at getting new flag and rifle uniforms for next year’s football season. I feel like a portion of the money will be used for that as well.”

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