Candidate rally big success in Mercury

The “Candidate Rally” chili-stew supper, which was held Thursday, Feb. 7, had a good turn out. The Mercury Ladies had a wonderful, delicious meal, including desserts. Seven candidates for election or re-election attended. There were Jerry Tedder, precinct four; Thomas L. Swearingen, Constable; E.R. Burk, precinct four; Doris Burns Bryson, Justice of the Peace (countywide); Archie Morris, precinct four; Garon Salter, precinct four and Brent Deeds, precinct four. All candidates gave a short speech that was received with lots of applause. Several expressed their appreciation for being asked to come and talk about what they can give and do for the county. Those attending the dinner were Eloise Ficke, Elmer and Virginia Eckert, Dalton and Violet Vick, Jerry and Annette Tedder, Paul Tackett, Opal Deeds, David Wells, Ken and Barbara Bull, Mary Kusie, Zane Sessions, Hilmer Kruckemeyer, Shad and Doris Bryson, Frankie and Johna Evans, Archie and Kay Morris, Garon and Linda Salter, Tom and Betty Bourbon, Betty Jo Myers, J. L. and Wanda Dennis, Fay Knutson, Arlie Penn, Tommy and Jane Penn, Glenn Weatherman, Clyde and Wynell Chesney, Jordon Tarver, Peggy Ross, Linda Jolly, Clova Bryson, David Eckert, Tom Swearingen, Brent Deeds and Ed and Paula Campbell, who furnished the very pretty flowers and table decorations.

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