Burglars take 11 horns from Bulldog band

February 14-17, 1961 Burglars broke into the band hall on the Brady High School campus sometime Monday night and took 11 horns. The burglary wasn’t discovered until about 11 a.m. Tuesday when the members of the Bulldog Band started arriving for their regular band practice. Missing from the shelves were seven clarinets, three flutes and one E-flat clarinet. The burglars had taken off the screen of a window on the west side, between the band hall and the vocational agriculture shop and then pried open the window to enter the main rehearsal room. The partly opened window, just behind the conductor’s stand, was hidden by heavy curtains which line the walls of the rehearsal room for acoustical purposes. A tape recorder below the window had been shoved aside. ‘I noticed the tape recorder had been moved, but I didn’t think anything about it,’ said band director James Mallow. He and the students started investigating when they couldn’t find the instruments. The E-flat clarinet is owned by the school, but the other horns are owned individually by students. The school’s instruments are insured, and Mallow said that at least part of the students also have insurance on their own instruments. The burglary apparently is part of a ring which has been hitting high school bands in this area. ‘They broke into Santa Anna about two weeks ago and took a number of horns,’ Mallow said. He directed the Santa Anna band before coming here this year. Brady police also have a report that six clarinets and two saxophones were stolen from the Ballinger band hall last Friday. Mallow was puzzled why the burglars would go after musical instruments since they offer no ready sale. ‘All of them have serial numbers. About all you can do is try to file off the serial numbers and sell them to a pawn shop.’ Mallow said the clarinets are worth about $150 each, the flutes about $175, and the E-flat clarinet about $200. The burglars didn’t bother the band’s other instruments and equipment. ‘They just took the small stuff. The big stuff would be too hard to carry off.’ If other people in town have instruments Mallow said he would like to borrow them fort the band students: ‘We’re going to need them. We’re in bad shape for clarinets and flutes.’ The band’s big ‘Heart O’ Texas Festival’ is coming up here March 3-4.’ Band students who lost their instruments are Bill Geeslin, Nancy Duncan, Laura Tetens, Ima Kensing, Ona Kensing, Connie Schaeg, Nancy Bean, Tony Flemming, Elizabeth Ricks and Nettie Carr. Paula Campbell played the school’s E-flat clarinet. * * * County brings suit over fence in road County Attorney Aubrey Davee has filed a suit for injunction against J.S. Hays of Waldrip, seeking removal of a fence from a portion of land which the County says is a county road. The road, about .3 of a mile long, runs east and west in front of the Waldrip Community Center just south of the town of Waldrip. At the request of the County Commissioners Court, Davee filed the suit in 35th District Court. The petition alleges that Hays has ‘obstructed the road by building and maintaining a fence along the north boundary of the road and enclosing part of the right of way for his own purposes.’ The appropriated land varies from one foot up to approximately 15 feet. The County says the road has been used by the public for more than 50 years and that even if the County does not own the property, the County ‘owns same and has right, title and use by right of long usage.’ The petition states further that the County Commissioners Court asked Mr. Hays not bo build the fence and since then has asked him to remove it, but Mr. Hays had refused to do so. In other allegations, the petition says the fence ‘constitutes a hazard’ by ‘narrowing the road as to inconvenience travel by the public and leaving insufficient room for the use of the public.’ The District Court is asking to order Mr. Hays to remove the fence and to permanently enjoin him from obstructing the road or interfering with the County’s right or the right of the public to use the road. No date has been set for a hearing on the petition.

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