Mystery dinner heads annual band auction

The 32nd annual Famed Brady Bulldog Band Auction will begin Saturday, Feb. 9 at 9:30 a.m. and items such as the “Mystery Dinner” sponsored by the Band Boosters are high on the list for many potential bidders. A hot item annually, this year’s mystery dinner, “The Tragical Mystery Tour,” will accommodate 10 to 12 couples and is scheduled for June 6. “It was hard to get 24 people to agree to a date,” said Band Booster reporter Janice Miller, “so this year the Band Boosters decided to go ahead and set the date in advance, before the auction.” With a new theme every year, the mystery dinner gives participating couples a chance to solve a staged murder mystery that is re-enacted before them. Each of the 20 to 24 persons participating in the mystery dinner will have a role to play, and each will try to solve the crime. “Not needing any elaborate clothing, we thought the ’60s would be really fun and easy to achieve,” said Mrs. Miller. Donated items for the upcoming band auction may be dropped off at the Brady National Bank community room on Saturday, Feb. 9. Volunteers will hold and organize the items until they are needed throughout the day. The items to be auctioned can be viewed throughout the day by tuning in to cable channel 11 for live broadcasts. Sonic Drive-in proprietor Javier Paniagua will continue to support the event by donating half of the receipts raised during business hours on Saturday to the band’s operating fund. “The Band Boosters have set a goal to meet last year’s total of $14,000,” said Mrs. Miller. “Event organizers Jill Lewis and Royce Lewis have recruited many items ranging from baked goods to brisket and steak dinners and griddles. In addition, many businesses have donated to the fund-raiser and the Band Boosters are very thankful to everyone for their support.” For more information, tune in to KNEL Saturday morning. Bids may be placed over the phone at 597-2119, 597-7391, 597-4648, 792-0151, 456-1693 or 456-1752. Bids for the mystery dinner may be faxed to 597-1925.

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