Council approves Chamber’s request for drag races at lake

BRADY/McCULLOCH COUNTY Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President DeLaine Poe gives City Council members an overall view of the particular area at Brady Lake that will be sectioned off during the speed boat races scheduled for this summer. Mrs. Poe and Mike Trollinger with the McCulloch County Industrial Foundation explained the economic impact the speed boat races could have on the local economy. The Brady City Council moved one step closer to making summer 2002 speed boat races a reality by approving the Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce’s request to section off a quarter-mile area at Brady Lake in support of the event. The Council gave the Chamber of Commerce permission to rope off the section that stretches from the Brady Lake marina to the northwest side of the dam on Friday, May 31, prior to the event. “We’ll be putting up the race course,” explained Chamber EVP DeLaine Poe. “Our request is for safety precautions. We’ll have jet ski patrols and a team of rescue divers on hand for the entire event. I feel very confident that safety will be of the utmost importance.” Stating that the lake area is designed for recreational activity, City Manager Merle Taylor put to rest any doubts of possible violations brought on by the event. In another action item, the Council approved a resolution to authorize the Mayor and city manager to contact small water systems with a letter of intent. “We would like to get some indication from these smaller water supply districts as to whether or not they want to participate in our water treatment plant,” explained Taylor. “The letters of intent are necessary to determine the capacity of the proposed Brady Lake water treatment plant.” Councilman Matt Mills said, “I think it’s a good idea to pursue these early on in the game.” At the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the City Council refused two requests for rezoning inside the city limits. The first was a request from Jim Ellison to rezone 1110 South High Street from Type A’Dwelling to Type C’Neighborhood Services, and the second request was from Prentice Smith to rezone Block 82, Crothers Addition from Type A’Dwelling to Type H’Mobile Home District. Ellison’s request was to introduce an animal grooming parlor at 1110 South High Street while Smith’s rezoning request was to allow for a mobile home. Both requests to rezone were denied by the Planning and Zoning Committee because more than 20 percent of the homeowners surrounding the two properties disapproved of the process. In other business, the Council approved a resolution requesting proposal qualifications for performance contracting services. The resolution will allow engineering companies to implement a guaranteed cost reduction energy efficiency program for the City of Brady. In a separate item, the City Council appointed Alan Bojorquez of Austin to serve as city attorney for Brady. “We feel like we need to appoint someone that specializes in municipal law,” explained Taylor. “We feel like Mr. Bojorquez has the qualifications to fill the position.” Bojorquez practices with the firm of Biggerstaff, Heath, Smiley, Pollan, Kevor and McDaniel, L.L.P. Before approving Bojorquez for the position, Councilman Donald Barley questioned whether it was in the City’s best interest to name the individual or the firm that represents him. Because Bojorquez practices under the Austin-based firm, other attorneys will be available to the City of Brady in the event that Bojorquez is not. Other items acted on in Wednesday’s meeting: ‘ The Council approved the first reading of an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 791, golf course fees. “All we’re doing is raising daily green fees by a couple of dollars,” said J.T. Epley with the Brady Municipal Golf Course. “Monthly and yearly rates and youth fees will all stay the same.” ‘ The Council approved the first reading of an ordinance declaring unreasonable noise (loud music which causes distress, discomfort or injury to persons of ordinary sensibilities in the immediate facility, excessive noise from an automobile, etc.) to be a nuisance, prohibiting the same and fixing a penalty. ‘ The Council approved the first (and final) reading of an ordinance as authorized under Section 1201.028 Texas Government Code authorizing the issuance of $3,000,000 “City of Brady, Texas combination tax and revenue certificates of obligation, series 2002;” authorizing the sale thereof; enacting provisions incident and related to the issue. The ordinance, written with standard language required for certificates of obligations, will ultimately allow for a city-wide street reconditioning project. Operating under a recent law passed by the Texas Legislature, the Council’s decision to approve the item in only one ordinance reading (as opposed to the usual three) is completely legal. Having 59 years experience, the City’s financial advisor, Joe Smith, gave his overall approval of the street reconditioning project. Other ordinances approved: ‘ The Council approved the second reading of an ordinance establishing guidelines and criteria for granting tax abatement for the City of Brady, and for consideration by McCulloch County, the McCulloch County Hospital District and Hickory Underground Water Conservation District, pursuant to Chapter 312 of the Texas Tax Code. ‘ The Council approved the second reading of an ordinance authorizing water service outside the Brady city limits as requested by Fred Nuncio at POW Camp (208 Private Road).

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