Are you looking’ It’s all about the Brady Goat Cook-off

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was published in the February edition of the National Barbeque News as a response to an earlier letter submitted to the publication by Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President DeLaine Poe.) By Carlene Phelps Just when we here at the National Barbecue News think we have covered every barbecue event on the globe, we receive a letter like this: National Barbecue News P.O. Box 981 Douglas, Ga. 31534-0981 Re: World Championship Barbe-que Goat Cook-off Dear Sir or Madam: We subscribe to your publication and we were wondering why a festival that has been featured in Texas Monthly, Chili Pepper Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, and will be featured on The Food Network this month has never been in your magazine. The World Championship Barbeque Goat Cook-off is in its 29th year and getting better and larger every year. We fete 135 teams each year and are considering expanding to 150 due to the popularity. Our festival consists of goat-related games, contests, arts/crafts, and an old fashioned street dance on the historical downtown square. I have read your paper faithfully and have yet to see anything really comparable to our festival. (Uniqueness that is.) Our festival is one of the featured festivals on THE FOOD NETWORK’S special covering barbeque festivals across the U.S. We are so honored. I am including a newspaper insert from last year to see if we can spark your interest! Thank you for your time! Sincerely, DeLaine Poe Executive Vice President Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce Now, here I sit, trying to think of something to say after this little lady has just thrown mud in my face! Didn’t we do a story on this a few years ago’ Is she blind’ Did she completely overlook the in-depth story we did in NBBQN forever ago’ I notice from her picture in this newspaper supplement that she’s too young to have been there very many years’probably did the story before she got this job! Ouch! I’ve been looking through old papers for more than a week now and I’ve found a couple of ads for the event, which I’m sure they paid for, but no story. Well, I’ve only been here full-time for a little over three years so the other years should be blamed on the old regime. That makes me feel a little better, but every barbecuer I know rises to the occasion and I plan to do the same. Decision time. Here are a few facts to entice you to attend their event in 2002. ‘ It’s been covered by anyone who is anyone, except NBBQN, and will be celebrating 29 years this year. ‘ They are considering increasing the number of cookers from 135 to 150’that’s a lot of goat, goat cookers, that is! ‘ OK, here’s the sincher. Anyone married to one of the former goat pill flip champions, and admits it in print, has my vote. ‘ Final blow! I think I’m gonna like this lady who wrote the letter’DeLaine Poe. She seems to enjoy writing as much as I, and I’ve never been to their contest or (to the best of my knowledge) written about it. So, this year I have twisted Joe’s arm and had him promise to take me to Brady, Texas, this Labor Day weekend 2002. Now, do you think they will let me cook a goat’ Do they have room for our little motor home with our name on it’ Can my husband enter the goat pill flip to give me bragging rights’ DeLaine, let me hear from you so we can make our plans.

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