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Feb. 7-10, 1961 The City of Brady and the San Saba-Brady and the Concho Soil Conservation Districts completed signing a “Watershed Work Plan Agreement” Tuesday night. Signing of the agreement ends a dispute between the City and the districts and clears the way for other work leading to construction of a municipal reservoir for Brady on Brady Creek. Supervisors of the San Saba-Brady District signed the agreement Feb. 1, and supervisors of the Concho district signed it Tuesday afternoon. The City Council, meeting Tuesday night, authorized Mayor R.M. Priesmeyer and City Secretary C.B. Groves to sign for the City. Negotiations on the lake project came to a halt Jan. 23 when supervisors of the San Saba-Brady district refused to sign the agreement until some provision was made for maintenance of other smaller detention dams in the Brady Creek watershed built by the Soil Conservation Service. In a statement Tuesday the supervisors said they had approved the agreement “after Mayor R.M. Priesmeyer and the Water Committee of the City Council gave assurance that they would assist the district in attempting to work out the problems that exist in McCulloch County.” E.J. Hughes of Brownwood, area conservationist for the SCS, said the agreement now will be signed by H.N. Smith state SCS conservationist. The agreement then will be part of exhibits to be presented by the City of Brady in its application tot he Farmers Home Administration for a $1,480,000 loan to finance the City’s part of the cost of building the lake. Hughes told the Council that the SCS will “proceed as rapidly as possible” to complete the Brady Creek watershed program, which now officially includes the Brady reservoir. “It’s been a privilege to work with you, and we hope you have continued success with the revised Brady Creek work plan. You have the assurance that the other sponsoring organizations (the soil conservation districts) will go along with you. We want to see this project go; it’s important.” Hughes met with the Council Tuesday night along with R.W. (Bill) Jordan of Voca, a supervisor of the San Saba-Brady district; Clifford Powell, head of the SCS work unit in Brady; and James Criswell, county manager for the Farmers Home Administration. Also present were members of the Water Committee (Leo Oates, C.P. Rockwell, John Sloane) and Perry Hartgraves of Menard, the City’s attorney in the lake project. * * * City considers new fire alarm via telephones Fire Chief Tommy Clay discussed a new fire alarm system’one that would work through the telephone company’with the City Council Tuesday night. Such a system already is working in Wimberley, he said. A special connection permits the fire station to dial a code number which simultaneously rings the phones at homes of all volunteer firemen. A man at the station then keeps repeating the fire location for all on the line. The Council took the plan under consideration. * * * 3 local boys in calf scramble Johnny Quinn and Buddy Corder of Brady and Jack Weaver of Melvin will scramble for calves at the San Antonio rodeo at the 8 p.m. performance Monday, Feb. 13. In the scramble 20 boys will be turned loose with 10 calves. Each boy carries a halter attached to a 10-foot rope, and it is his job to place the halter on a calf and drag it across the finish line. Once a boy has established his claim on a calf by catching it, no other boy can touch it unless it breaks away. Prizes are purchase certificates for livestock ranging from the top reward of $50 down to the eighth through tenth prizes of $15. The contestants, 4-H or FFA boys, must be 12 to 18 years old, and their prizes must be used in the purchase of livestock for their 4-H or FFA projects. * * * Motel adding 9 more units The new Plateau Motel on South Bridge Street, opened last December, has started construction on nine additional units. ‘The response has been greater than we anticipated,’ said Billy Jack Neal, owner of the motel. The nine additional units will provide a total of 27. The new units will be identical in construction and furnishing with the other units, but the rooms will be slightly smaller. They will be ‘singles,’ designed primarily for traveling men but large enough for two persons also. When completed, the motel will have enough space for construction of nine other units later if they are needed. * * * Scouts get $113 for March of Dimes Boy Scout Troop 402, sponsored by the First Methodist Church, collected $113.08 for the March of Dimes in a solicitation on the streets of Brady Saturday. Boys working in the drive were David and Steven Black, Jeffrey Anderson, Danny Schill, Alton Bradshaw, Dwight Micklethwait, Danny Olin, Leland Craig and Ronnie Martin. Ed Tittle is their scoutmaster. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Enlist in Air Force Jackie Ray McCarthy, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack McCarthy, of Brady, enlisted in the Air Force Monday at Abilene and was sent to San Antonio for basic training. Upon completion of basic training he will attend a technical training school in the electronics career field, the field selected before enlisting. * * * Employed in Abilene James Dale Ake, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman C. Ake, Sr., of Brady, graduated from Lewis Barber College in San Antonio Feb. 7. He will be employed in Abilene by the Handey Barber Shop. * * * Receives promotion Linda Hagler, who graduated from Texas Tech with a clothing and textile degree last June, has been employed at Foley’s in Houston since that time. She called her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hagler, recently to say that she has been promoted to the executive department and will be an assistant buyer for the children’s department.

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